The Bachelorette: Reid and Kiptyn Weigh In During Conference Call

ABC held a media conference call with Ed and Jillian and then Kiptyn Locke and Reid Rosenthal Thanks to reporter Pamela Sitt, here’s what they said.

Reid Rosenthal:

What was with the outfit you wore to propose to Jillian?
I’ve been asked that every 5 seconds. I was making a fashion statement! Just kidding. I was in a huge rush to get back and I didn’t have time to do laundry. I didn’t know what was in my luggage. I literally flew back to Hawaii and didn’t have any clean clothes. I got there wearing linen pants and sneakers and when I showed up, I guess I looked really bad so I had to put on one of Chris Harrison’s jackets. So that’s basically what went down.

What happened with the ring? The producers didn’t give you one?
No, they flew me to Philadelphia. When they sent me back [to Hawaii], they flew me through L.A. and I went and got a ring. I spent as much as I could at the time, and I flew back to Hawaii.

Were you able to return the ring?
I was able to return it, yes.

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Bachelorette Finale Episode Spoilers

ABC has gone from telling us Reid Rosenthal’s return at the Bachelorette Finale next Monday makes Jillian question everything, to Reid’s return changes everything. (Text of both below.) Jillian says she recently started her own interior design business in Vancouver, Jillian Harris Designs. Sounds like we’re down to just a few possibilities and the most likely one is Reid’s return made her change her mind about accepting a proposal from either Kip or Ed, and she rejected or deferred all proposals at the FRC. She’s back home in Vancouver, on her own, but happy.

If that’s the case, what we’ll find out at the ATFR (After the Final Rose) is whether, in the intervening two months between when the finale filmed on May 24th, and when the ATFR is filmed (tomorrow), she continued to see one of them and, whether it’s either going great or it’s over. The other possibilities: Continue reading