Jake and Rozlyn: A Bachelor Failure of Proof


Chris Harrrison’s new blog is up on last night’s not-so explosive shocker of Rozlyn being asked to leave the show for having an “inappropriate” relationship with a staffer. He says he’s going to tell us much more, but the more turns out only to be that he’s willing to say the “inappropriate” relationship was a “physical” relationship, not one just about feelings. Of course, he still doesn’t say “sexual relationship” which Rozlyn has denied.

I think Chris is still playing with words. Kissing and hugging are physical, but don’t always lead to a sexual relationship. For example, we saw Jake and Rozlyn kiss early on in last night’s show. I doubt anyone would characterize that as a sexual relationship. Yet Chris wants us to think there is a sexual relationship, even though he won’t use the word. If there was one, and the Bachelor had proof, they’d say so. The fact that they won’t means they can’t prove it. He talks about the other girls witnessing the physical relationship. That’s another clue it wasn’t sexual. Who has sex with other girls in the room — or even with the door open, in a house where the other occupants are your competitors?

Rozlyn did not seem surprised, and somehow, she knew enough not to respond to Chris’ allegations. I see two possibilities. One is the scene was edited after filming (hacked to death, really) so that what we ultimately saw had been cleansed of her denials. The other is that Chris and the exec producers, in addition to contacting their lawyers as he told us last week, gave Rozlyn’s agent a heads-up ahead of time — as well as permission to tell her what was about to happen, and advise her on how to react on camera. Continue reading

Bachelor Jake Begins Tonight

The new season of The Bachelor, starring Jake Pavelka, premieres tonight. Jake is the pilot Jillian Harris eliminated last season as being “too perfect.” I found him cloying. He’s also the one that came back after he was rejected to warn Jillian about country music singer Wes — a completely sleazy move in my view.

In addition to being moralistic, he’s also quite religious. I expect the season to be cheesy and bland, just like Jake. Why watch? Some of the women may be interesting and it’s fun to figure out in advance who’s going home and who is getting a rose. Also, in the past, some of their travel destinations have been beautiful, like New Zealand, Spain and Hawaii.

While it seems like California predominates this season (Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco, Palm Srings), the final dates take place in St. Lucia, and the scenery and hotels and activities are sure to be impressive. The Final Rose Ceremony, which is usually at a rented villa, looks to be near Jade Mountain.

Tonight Jake will meet 25 girls and cut 10. Jillian and Ed will show up to help Jake decide. Next week, the 15 will move into the mansion.

The “shocking development” (according to Chris Harrison on the Valentine Show this morning (audio here) is that one of the girls was romantically involved with one of the show’s producers. He “stepped up to the plate”, got fired, she got axed from the show.

Who to keep an eye out for? For now I’ll only go to the final 9, who I think will be Ali, Corrie, Ashleigh, Gia, Vienna, Ella, Rozlyn, Tenley and Jessie. Ali, Gia and Vienna may be three that go further.