“30 Something” Returns on DVD

I’ve probably seen every episode of of all four years of “30 Something” — a show that aired when I was “30-something. ” It’s one of the reasons I like “Brother and Sisters” so much — Ken Olin is the director (and occasional cast member, playing Holly’s boyfriend from the 60’s who just so happens to be her daughter Rebecca’s father) while his wife in real life, Patricia Wettig (who played Timothy Busfield’s wife on “30 Something”) stars as Holly. It took me weeks to place Olin on Brothers and Sisters. He looks much older and heftier — while Wettig pretty much looks the same to me (as do Sally Fields and Calista Flockhart.)

Apparently, “30 Something” wasn’t a hit (you could have fooled me, especially since it had a four year run.) This Tuesday, for the first time, it’s going to be available on DVD, thanks to a company called Shout Factory. More here. Continue reading