Sneak Peek at New Episode of MTV’s “Made”

Colorado snowboarder and media personality Jesse Csincsak is back on the slopes, teaching Ashley Bacheman to snowboard ,in a new episode of MTV’s Made: Here are a few 10 second clips.

Still no definitive date on when the Bachelor Pad starts filming, but it could be the first week in June. As to where, the best guess right now is the Bachelor Mansion in LA. The plan seems to be for the contestants to engage in contests, and one will be evicted almost every day. The winner will win $250,000. Not much time to fall in love, but since this crowd all knows each other, and they’re used to speed-dating from the Bachelor, I suspect they’ll find something to raise attention spans. As to who is going to be on it, that’s still in flux. Look for some of the more provocative contestants — personality-wise — they do need ratings. Like who? One prediction: Crazy man Dave, the guy who gets belligerent when he drinks. Continue reading

Bachelorette Ali: From Iceland to Portugal


Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro, who happened across the show filming in Lisbon. He uploaded at 9:54 a.m. on April 12, and on Twitter, says,

They were filming in Camões (biggish crew, around 2/3 cams, multiple assistants), and she jumped a few times, I caught the second jump.

Before Portugal, Ali and her guys were in Iceland. One place they stayed: Hotel Nordica. The production company is named Pegasus.

Then, April 4 to 14, the Bachelorette with Ali Fedotowski is filming in Portugal. They are staying at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa. Among the sites: São Jorge Castle, the route of tram 28 and Sintra. Continue reading

Yet Another Bacheolor/ette Breckenridge Reunion


Colorado snowboarder and former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak is at it again, hosting another Bachelor/Bachelorette reunion in Breckenridge.

“We will be having nights out on the town complete with cocktails, dancing and maybe even a costume party one of the evenings. Then on Sunday, I will be guiding the group on a snowmobile tour in the Breckenridge backcountry to show everyone what the mountains are really about!”

Who’s there? From what I can determine:

Jesse Csincsak
Natalie Getz
Juan Barbieri
Jesse Kovacs
Richard Mathey
Chris Bradshaw (and wife Jennifer)
John Hardesty
John Presser and Tara Durr (who will announce their engagement)
Matthue Johnson (and Suzi)
Mark Huebner (and maybe Mike Steinberg and the guy who jumped in the pool with no clothes from Jillian’s season)
Elizabeth Kitt
Brian Westdorf
Melissa Henig
Elizabeth Wade
Gina Marie Hamilton
Jeannette Cherie Pawula
Trista and Ryan Sutter may stop by

More photos of the house, called the Ski Classic Lodge, here, a video tour here.