Bachelorette Episode 7: Don’t Believe the Wes Editing


ABC is making me angrier every week with its splicing and dicing country music singer Wes Hayden’s edit. Don’t believe it for a minute. At least, I predict, he will survive the Home Town Date tonight despite mayonaise-y Jake’s pathetic attempt to crash Wes’ hometown date and tell her he has a girlfriend. As the picture above shows, Wes makes it on to Spain next week. (But he’s unlikely to be the final one (F1). I think he gets cut in Spain. ) I hope he shows up in Hawaii during the last episode to sing for Jillian and whomever she chooses as her F1.

It’s about to start, so I’ll just tell you who gets cut when techie Ed returns to muck things up during the rose ceremony: Vintner Jesse and Break-Dancer Michael won’t make the cut.

Update 7:10 pm: Reid’s hometown date goes well. He’ll go further, to Spain and Hawaii, but will he be the F1? Unknown right now.

Update: 7:20 pm: Michael’s date goes well, he’s adorable and head over heels for Jillian, but the chemistry isn’t there. He’s going home tonight with a broken heart.

Update: 7:35pm: Kip’s HTD was way too intense. Jillian is insecure about his family, Kip tells his sister proposing in a month may be premature, and their hot tub scene lacked spark. She will keep him on, to Spain and Hawaii, and I think he gets to the final two, but he won’t be the final one.

Update: 7:45 pm: Jesse’s HTD was the most moving so far. He really came out of his shell. Even his cynical brother came around. The winery was beautiful and of course I loved them all playing together like a rock band at the end. It will be sad to see him go home tonight. I wish Jillian would tell Ed to take a hike instead when he comes back. But, it’s unlikely. (Ed’s going on to Spain and Hawaii.) Continue reading

Bachelorette Episode 6: All Aboard, Jillian Whittles the 8 Down to 5

Tonight is the final Bachelorette episode filmed in Canada. The scenes take place aboard the Rocky Mountaineer and in Lake Louise and Banff. You can watch an extended preview here. Note: as always, spoilers ahead.

There’s an individual dinner date on board the train. Say goodbye to Texas bartender Robby. He’s let off with his luggage at the next stop.

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Bachelorette: Wes Bares All, Or Does He?

Editing is key to The Bachelorette. The producers have been throwing country singer Wes Hayden under the bus, big time, since the beginning. The episode guides keep asking when Jillian will catch on to him. Does he deserve it, or has he been honest about why he went on the show? Even if he went on the show for publicity, does that preclude him from developing real feelings for Jillian?

One other thing the promo gives away: It’s Robby that goes home next week. Those of us following the screencaps knew that already. He’s on the train to Banff, but he doesn’t get a Home Town Date. Bye, Robby. (Say goodbye to Jake too next week, although he will make another appearance at a hotel in Austin when Wes has his hometown date.) And it looks like break-dancer Michael will be the 5th with a home town date — in addition to Reid, Kip, Wes and Jesse.

If you are a Wes hater, don’t despair. Wes will go home at the rose ceremony following the home town dates. He doesn’t get to Spain. (Update 6/22: Maybe not.) Kip and Reid are in Spain for sure, and it looks like Ed makes his comeback there. Jesse probably makes it as well, but it’s doubtful he goes any further.

Final three prediction for Hawaii: Kip, Ed and Reid.

Bachelorette Episode 5: Whistler Dates and Drama

Jillian will go from 10 guys down to 8 tonight. My predictions: Michael, Kip and Jesse get roses for their 1:1 dates. Someone wants to go home, most likely Ed. Since we know that Kip, Reid, Wes and Jesse get home town dates, they are still around. If there’s a 5th hometown date, I think it goes to Michael, whose parents live in California. Jake will probably go next week after the Banff rose ceremony, and then he he shows up in Austin when Wes has his HTD. Robby is in screencaps on the train next week, so he’s safe tonight but likely will go next week.

Who is left? Tanner and Mark. Do they go home tonight, or is it Ed and Tanner or Ed and Mark? If the Ed drama is not just a producers’ tease, and he really leaves, I’ll go with Ed and Mark. If Ed doesn’t refuse his rose, or Jillian talks him into staying, I’ll go with Tanner and Mark. Continue reading

Bachelorette Extended Sneak Peek of Whistler Dates

TV Grapevine has an extended sneak preview for Monday night’s Bachelorette showing Jillian on dates in Whistler with Michael, Kip and Jesse.

It ends with the ABC promo showing drama with Ed and Jillian worried her chances for love are over.

Two of the ten will go home this week. Right now, I’m thinking they are Tanner and Mark. Stay tuned.

Adam Lambert Confirms He’s Gay in Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert Rolling Stone

It’s official: American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, featured on the cover and in an interview in the new Rolling Stone, confirms he is gay.

“I’m proud of my sexuality,” Lambert adds. “I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” Ultimately, however Lambert tells RS contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis that there are other parts of his life that he’s trying to keep front and center. “I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader,” he says.

He also says he had a crush on AI winner Kris Allen. Allen, totally supports Adam.

I think he’s happier that he can be himself and it’s nice,” Allen told People about Lambert’s relationship with hunky Drake LaBry, with whom he’s been photographed holding hands. “Adam is who he is and he’s not afraid. I support him in whatever he does.”

And, Adam has just signed a recording contract with 19 Entertainment and RCA Recordings. His first album should be out this fall.

Bachelorette (Episode 4) in Vancouver: 13 to 10

Spoilers ahead: Don’t read if you want to be surprised.

Jillian Harris takes her 13 remaining bachelors to her home town of Vancouver this week. All together, there will be three Canadian episodes. In addition to Vancouver, there will be Whistler and then one featuring a train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer to Banff, where the last Canadian rose ceremony is held. At the end of the Canadian episodes, she’s down to 5 guys who then go on hometown dates.

As for Vancouver’s episode tonight:

Dates include a romantic dinner at Grouse Mountain Resort, a kayaking excursion to Granville Island, a romantic picnic in Stanley Park, and a Vancouver harbour cruise aboard the classic luxury yacht, Pacific Yellowfin, complete with a Dungeness crab dinner hosted by adventure travel outfitter Exposure. Jillian also has the guys flex their muscles in a competitive match of curling!

Kip goes on the kayaking excursion. It’s certain he gets a rose. The picnic in Stanley Park/dinner on Grouse Mountain date is a 2 on 1 date with Mark and Mike. Mike won’t get a rose and will go home before the rose ceremony. The five bachelors on the winning curling match team will go on the yacht date. Anger-prone David acts like a jerk on the yacht. I think he goes home tonight. Continue reading