Jenn Needs Cooler Guys on the Bachelorette

Last night’s Bachelorette was pretty much a disaster for those of us watching from Denver. The local ABC station, Channel 7, somehow aired the show with just music and no verbal audio. In other words, for the first hour and 11 minutes, we had to get by with subtitles. We never heard anyone speak. I kept thinking it was my TV and tried switching between Apple TV, Amazon Prime TV and an antenna, and nothing worked. So of course I turned to X (formerly Twitter) and saw a whole lot of people had the same problem and they were all from Denver. One had called KWGN (local ABC Affiliate) but they didn’t have to many answers.

That said, maybe having no sound to hear what people sounded like, made me more aware of the physical attributes of the contestants. This was one unappealing bunch of guys. First, for the first Asian Bachelorette, could they not find more Asian men than 1 given there were 25 contestants? Second, it’s hard to the other guys apart. Except for one of the Sams who got the first rose, they all have dark hair and look like uncomfortable in their bodies. None are particularly handsome. I don’t think there are any that look particularly “hot” or have any sex apeal. If I were Jen, I’d ask for a new deck and a new draw.

I’m also hoping Jenn ramps her personality up a bit. She is certainly beautiful enough, but I have no idea of who she is personality-wise. I’d also like to see her showcase some of her Vietnamese culture. I wonder if she’s never seen House of Ho or the Bling Empire? The actors in those shows come from ridiculously wealthy families, but somehow they all have major issues tthe are trying to resolve in their lives in the U.S. ,with their parent’s cultural norms. Family ties are huge in Asian cultures, and yet the only person Jenn even came close to discussing this with tonight was the one Vietnamese constestant. Even Jenn said at one point that she wished there were more Asian men on the show. The worst so far was the Iranian virgin who we wach use a lash curler on his eyelashes to get ready for tonight’s big party. What an odd duck he is.

One thing we do know about Jen from last season and tonight is that she truly believes she has always picked the wrong men – the bad boys. Maybe that is why I fell like Jen is not going to find anyone. She might do better on Bachelor in Paradise, where the contestants are so much looser with their emotions and more sexually active.

Could the lack of sparks flying in the premiere be the reason the show is teasing that there will be a scene in which her ex who dumped her wants back in?

I’m not calling it quits on watching, and I’m glad Jenn is the Bachelorette rather than the candy heir Maria from Joey’s seasson, but still, the showrunners really need to pick it up. Not with the men this season, who have already shown they can do the unexpected and sometimes most tawdry things, but with Jenn. Maybe a shot of B-12 would help.