Natalie Beats Russell For Survivor Title

Who played the best game on Survivor? Natalie won the title and the million dollars, much to Russell’s surprise and consternation.

Did Natalie deserve to win? Of course not. But Russell’s Machiavellian ways were too much for the jury of former castmates to reward. Mick did nothing all season — one of the blandest, non-distinguished players. It’s no wonder he didn’t get a single vote.

So the lesson of this season is it’s not how well you play the game, but whether you do it in a likable and humble way. Russell’s arrogance was over-the-top.

The most annoying player of the season: Shambo. I almost stopped watching many times because of her. As miserable a creature as Russell was, he made the season.

So, congratulations to Natalie, she just needs to realize she won by default.

J.T. Wins Survivor Tocantins

J.T. of Survivor

“J.T.” Thomas, a 24 year old, adorable cattle rancher from Alabama won Survivor — by a unanimous jury vote. It wasn’t much of a surprise, he was the best-liked, most personable and cutest contestant.

I didn’t much care for the other contestants — or for the rainy, buggy Brazilian locale they competed in. I think I only kept watching to finally see Coach get his due. But, the last several episodes were interesting for the game-playing and strategic moves. I also got to like Stephen more as the show winded down but it was a no-brainer J.T. would win with the jury.

More on the goings on this season here. Next season, Survivor is off to Samoa where the show will have a treasure island theme. I also hope it has more likable contestants.