Bachelor: Sugar, Spice and Roz

What will happen after Jake sends Tenley away the Final Rose ceremony? Will he propose to Vienna? Here’s host Chris Harrison said in his blog this week

“I will tell you now that Jake is extremely happy and very much in love. Is there a proposal? How does it all go down? You’ll have to watch one of the most emotional, romantic finales in Bachelor history to find out”

I think that means yes. It wouldn’t be very romantic if he turned both girls down.

As for Roz, she should have talked to Wes before she went on and realized you can’t win because the show controls the edits. As for all those girls who suddenly revised their stories to say they saw Roz and the producer playing too close? Valishisia today took it all back and apologized to Roz, saying the producers got her going and she really didn’t see anything. Ella gives a very unconvincing explanation for her change of story on Roz. Reality Steve has more. Continue reading

Bachelor: Does Jake Come to His Senses and Reject Both?

All season long, the previews of upcoming episodes from the Bachelor have been misleading. Is tonight’s any different? From the voiceovers and screencaps, it appears Jake picks on one.

First, you see Jake alone at the final rose ceremony site, looking up at the approaching helicopter, which we know now is how Vienna and Tenley both arrive (no limo this time. )

“I can’t believe it’s come to this. I’m so confused. I would never ask a woman for her hand in marriage unless I was 100% sure….I can’t believe it’s ending like this.”

First up in the preview: Tenley: Continue reading

20/20 to Air “Inside the Bachelor” Show

What really goes on behind the scenes on the dates, in the Bachelor mansion and at the rose ceremonies? How much of what we see is real and how much is edited to tell a story that will drive ratings upwards? How shocked are the contestants at the way they are portrayed, when they finally get to see the show, long after they’ve returned home? Is Mike Fleiss a genius or just a master manipulator? Does Chris Harrison spend any time with the participants during filming other than at the rose ceremonies? Are any of them sorry they agreed to do the show, or will they all say it was the highlight of their lives?

These are some of the questions I’m sure viewers would like answered when ABC’s 20/20 airs it’s two hour special on March 15, “Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose.”

We may not get those answers, but we’ll get to see some of the most memorable Bachelor/Bachelorette participants from seasons past. Jesse Csincsak, who will appear, says on his Facebook page that Jillian and Ed, Kiptyn, Ryan & Trista Sutter and Andy Baldwin are also participating.

Deanna Pappas tweets she is appearing, and she mentions Melissa and Brad Womack are also included.

I’m hearing we’ll also see Reid (who many fans thought Jillian should have picked.) The only person whose name hasn’t surfaced that I’d like to see on is country music singer Wes Hayden. He’d probably tell too much of the truth for an ABC program to be comfortable with airing, but they’d be foolish not to include him.

All in all, it sounds like quite a show, far better than anything we’ve seen this season with Jake and lots more interesting than Jason and Molly’s wedding.

Jake’s Hometown Dates: Most Cringe-worthy Episode Yet

Not only has this been the worst season of the Bachelor, with robotic Jake who reminds me of the joker in Batman with his permanent grin, tonight was the worst episode of the season.

It was the hometown date episode, where Jake visits the final four in their or their parents’ home town. The whole episode was awful. Ali was completely unbelievable in the role of little girl, legs curled up like a fetus, crying her eyes out for minutes on end. I didn’t buy it for a second and it went on way too long. Cloyingly fake and annoying. And her family was so boring they had to film most of her date in an empty house relying on her grandmother’s spirit.

Gia’s brother and Vienna’s father were both awful to watch. Grating personalities and so physically unappealing . Who would marry into either one of those families?

Gia has zero personality and even less conversational ability. She’s the best looking of the bunch, and she moves well, maybe they can put her on DWTS. The Bachelor is definitely beyond her skill set.

Tenley’s dance was terrible, like a third grader at a school play. Embarrassingly awful and I didn’t think Jake was into it one bit. He looked perplexed. Her father was the only redeeming feature of her segments. Continue reading

AP “Beyond the Medal” Debuts Monday With Jesse and Lila

Click the Photo Above to see the Premiere of BEYOND THE MEDAL:

There continues to be life after “The Bachelor” for professional snowboarder Jesse Csincsak.

Starting Monday morning at 7 a.m., and every day for the next 23 days, Jesse and AP video journalist Lila Ibrahim will co-host “Beyond the Medal”, an AP Winter Games show, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the 2010 Olympic winter games and the host cities of Vancouver and Whistler.

From bungee jumping to whale watching and everything in between, the goal is to bring you a small taste of what it’s like to be here for the 2010 Winter Games. Start every morning with us to get the latest news, check in with the athletes and find out what celebrities are in town for the games.

In tomorrow’s debut show we go north to take you on a walking tour of Whistler, where Jesse and I got to do a lot of outdoor sports for upcoming shows. I will tell you right now — I have nothing on my co-host when it comes to athletic ability. To wrap up our first show, we’ll bring you back to the Granville Room in downtown Vancouver for a taste of Olympic-themed cocktails.

Some of the highlights I hope they will cover: Snowboarders Louie Vito, who was such fun to watch on last season’s Dancing With the Stars, and Aspen’s own Gretchen Bleiler. Both are on the U.S. Olympic Snowboarding half-pipe teams. If you missed them at the X-Games, Vancouver offers another chance to watch them, along with the amazing Shaun White.

And don’t forget to check out Jesse’s website which just got a major re-design and added a slew of features, from quick-moving graphics to video clips and social networking links. It’s well organized and visually appealing — really nice work.

For all the latest on the games, and new episodes of “Beyond the Medal”, bookmark theAP Winter Games network.

Four days to go — all they need now is snow.

2010 Oscar Nominations Announced

Here’s the list of nominees for the 2010 Oscar Awards. Breaking with tradition, ten films have been nominated for “Best Picture.”

Most nominations: Avatar and The Hurt Locker. As for Best Actor and Best Actress:

Nominations for best actor to Jeff Bridges playing a drunk country singer in “Crazy Heart,” George Clooney as a corporate hatchet man in “Up in the Air,” Jeremy Renner as a bomb specialist in “The Hurt Locker,” Colin Firth for “A Single Man” and Morgan Freeman for “Invictus.”

Joining Streep, who portrayed chef Julia Child in “Julie & Julia” and Bullock as a wealthy woman who plucks a homeless teen off the streets and helps him become a sports star, on the list of best actress nominees were Helen Mirren in “The Last Station,” Carey Mulligan for “An Education” and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe in “Precious.” (Reporting by Bob Tourtellotte;