Bachelor Pad: And The Real Winner Is…

Face it. The Bachelor Pad sucked. Horrible show, torturous to watch. But, guess what? The finale was good. The right couple won, but the real winner is comeback kid of the year, Wes Hayden.

To recap: Congrats to Dave and Natalie. Of the two final couples, they were my fave by miles. I’ve always liked Natalie, she has so much moxie and not an ounce of fake goody-two shoes-ness. Dave really rehabilitated himself from his angry, psycho, over-macho performance on Jillian’s season, something I never would have thought possible. I actually liked him on this show.

But my favorite part, and I’ll bet I’m not alone, was Wes and Gia. They make a great couple, and he’s so due some love after the way the show trashed him with its hatchet-editing job on Jillian’s season. I’m glad Chris Harrison acknowledged it — and they let him sing at the end.

I doubt Kiptyn and Tenley will make it, she’ll drive him crazy with her helium voice and two note repertoire, little girl giggles or crying. I don’t care about them one way or the other, but I really hope Wes and Gia last. I think Gia is the best looking woman to appear on the show, all seasons combined, and she seems to have a big heart to match. Elizabeth? Yikes, run for cover. Nikki? Loosen up girl, you come across like a grandmother. Memo to Michelle: Karma’s a b*tch. Which is why you should have forgiven Tenley when she apologized (for the third time.) It will come back to bite you. Continue reading

Bachelor Pad Begins August 9

ABC’s The Bachelor Pad wrapped up filming last week and is set to air beginning August 9.

Does Mike Fleiss have another winner on his hands? Probably. Especially if he can keep stoking the Jake-Vienna break-up flames until then, now that Jake has crossed over to the dark side and joined the Bachelor Pad in its waning few days. He’s going to need one when Ali picks no one at her final rose ceremony. Unless, of course, Ali reunites with one of the guys for the After the Final Rose Show.

As part of a happy couple, Ali can make a lot of money in post-show appearances. By herself, not so much. So don’t rule it out.

As to the Bachelor Pad, I’m still picking Kiptyn and Tenley as the final two. As for who will kicked off early, I’ll say Michelle and David Good. (Now wouldn’t it be something if they hooked up — the two contestants with the biggest psycho-edits since I started watching the show? ) Update 6/30: Reality Steve says the first two kicked off are Michelle and Juan. Go read the rest if you want to know more about who the final four are and if you don’t want to know how it plays out, don’t go there.)

Since they all left LA around the same day, I’m assuming they will be bringing the evicted contestants back to vote for the winner. Another reason why Kiptyn may win, they all seem to like him.

As for pair-ups, here’s what the 20th contestant, Matthue Johnson, had to say after he got canned the morning of filming. And from Reality Steve, look for Elizabeth, “the tease” from Jake’s season (who now is blonde) to heat things up with Jesse from Jillian’s season. Same for Natalie (and I suspect he won’t be the only one she’s drawn to.) I wonder who will find this guy’s tattoos attractive? Here’s a full list of contestants: Continue reading