Reality TV Meets Vintage Clothing

Vintage Sweet and Chic

We've got big snow in the mountains and fierce winds in Denver. If you're in the neighborhood of either and looking for something to do tonight, and a fan of vintage clothing or the Bachelor/Bachelorette, head up to Breckenridge for the opening party for Vintage Sweet and Chic, at 215 South Main.

The store is co-owned by former Bachelor contestant Ann Csincsak, married to former Bachelorette winner and snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, and Katie Meyer. A bunch of former Bach/B'ette contestants will be there, as well as Evel Dick from Big Brother and some current and former Survivor contestants.

Here's a list of attending reality TV folks:

* Natalie Getz – Bachelor 13 /Bachelor Pad 1
* Erica Rose – Bachelor Rome /Bachelor Pad 2
* Jeff Medolla – Mask guy from Bachelorette 7
* Richard Mathy – Bachelorette 4
* John Hardesty – Bachelorette 5
* Kirsten Pittman – Bachelor 14
* Mark Huebner – Bachelorette 5 (pizza guy from Denver)
* Suzie Williams – Bachelor 5
* Eliza Orlins – Survivor
* Jim Rice – Survivor (Medical marijuana dispensary owner from Denver, show still airing)
* Evel Dick Donato (Big Brother)

I've looked at many of the store's offerings online and think Ann and Katy have quite a knack for picking good stuff. The prices are really affordable. I think this shop will be a hit.

It starts at 7 pm with a “red carpet.” If you can't go in person, you can follow on Twitter, just start with Jesse and you'll find the rest of them. I hope they post pictures of what Baby Noah wears to the event.