Bachelorette: Extended Finale Preview

It’s still impossible to tell who Ali is favoring. Which may well mean she ends up with neither. Or, Chris could leave before the Final Rose Ceremony day, and Roberto could show up and propose. There’s pictures of Roberto arriving by boat, but none of Chris so far. And it’s still a possibility that Roberto could propose and get rejected.

Obama Faces SnookiGate

President Obama was given a pop culture test on The View this week. He knew Lindsay Lohan was in jail, but said he didn't know who Snooki was.

”Should Snooki run as mayor of Wasilla?” And he replied, “I’ve got to admit, I don’t know who Snooki is.”

But, at the White House Correspondents dinner, he knew who she was. In a quip about the new tax on tanning beds law, he said:

“This next provision (in the health care bill) is called the Jersey Shorah. It reads, ‘The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and House minority leader John Boehner.”

Snooki meanwhile isn't thrilled about Obama either. On the season premiere of Jersey Shore Thursday night, she said she switched to spray tanning because of Obama and his tax. Continue reading

American Idol Judge Shake-Up: J-Lo and Steven Tyler?

Ellen DeGeneres leaves American Idol, Jennifer Lopez will take her place.

What about Simon Cowell’s replacement? Word is it will be Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. More here.

I’m more excited about Steven Tyler than J-Lo. What a better pick Tyler is over Elton John or Howard Stern. As to Ellen leaving, it’s what she wanted. She says it wasn’t fun. She had a year left on her contract and Fox let her out early. Who would be even better than Tyler? Jon Bon Jovi, but if they can’t afford Elton John, I doubt they can afford him, and he’s committed to touring for at least another year.

Will young fans think Tyler is too old or too weird? Very Possibly. Will he fit with Randy or Kara, or J-Lo? it’s very hard to picture them together. Maybe more changes are in store.

Bachelorette: Back to Ali Ends Up Alone?

The latest preview from ABC makes it seem both Roberto and Chris aren’t ready to propose to Ali. But if that were the case, it wouldn’t be her decision, it would be their decision. And she repeatedly has said she’s happy with her decisions. In the clip, Chris tells her he’ll miss her. And the clip ends with a shot of Frank.

So what’s the shocker in store for us at the finale, the thing that’s never happened before? Is it just that both reject her…or does she find out the one she wants most isn’t going to propose and so she takes a risk and proposes to him instead? And if so, does he accept? That’s one of the few alternative scenarios that accommodates either ” will she find love or leave paradise with a broken heart.”

But something else may be in store for us, as ABC says she makes a “last minute, heart-wrenching decision which changed all of their lives forever.” That suggests she picks no one. In fact, today’s press release from ABC: Something happens on the Last Chance Dates. Chris’ sounds particularly ominous. Continue reading

Bachelorette Ali’s Surprise Ending: The Possibilities

Ali Fedotowsky says the ending to her journey for love on the Bachelorette is a surprise, something that’s never happened before on the show. What could that be? As far as I can tell, only two things. Either her final choice rejects the final rose she offers (no proposal, she ends up alone) or she proposes to him rather than the other way around.

I’ve been leaning towards believing she ends up alone and is happy about something else in her life, like some exciting new show business or fashion job she’s been offered and anxious to start.

A few things point the other way. The finale was filmed on May 9. So far, we haven’t seen previews with an engagement ring in them. So, did the guys pick out rings? Here’s jeweler Neil Lane in an interview in the Boston Globe on Thursday May 6th. Lane was going to be in Boston on Thursday, May 13 to talk about his art and clients at the Museum of Fine Arts Fashion Council. (Here’s their Facebook post about it.) The event was not open to the public.

Q. “The Bachelor” pops up when you search your name online.

A. I’m going [this week] to film my fourth season with “The Bachelor” on an exotic island. This one is “The Bachelorette.” I’ve become part of that. I will present the rings for “The Bachelorette,” for the two bachelors she chooses, for them to decide on the ring. Doing these things are like – OK, why not?

Continue reading

“Men Tell All”: Kirk’s Broken Heart

ET! The Bachelorette “Men Tell All” preview.

Poor Kirk. Or should we say lucky Kirk? Monday night is the “Men Tell All”, which typically isn’t much more than a placeholder until the Finale the following week.

Rumors are running the gambit between her picking Roberto, Chris and no one. Some are speculating she’s back with Frank. I think she’s single, and on the “After the Final Rose” episode which airs right after the finale, she’ll finally tell us why. Is she engaged, does she have a new love, go back to an old love, or does she have an incredible new job or career move? As of now, I’ll say it’s a new job or career venture.

Bachelorette Finale: Does Ali’s Risk-Taking Backfire?

Here’s Ali on the red carpet after the Men Tell All. At the very end, she says it’s definitely possible to find love on the Bachelorette, and we’ll have to wait to find out if she did, but, she insists, there are real emotions involved. She then seques into the media, saying, “I just hope I have the strength to deal with it in the right way.”

If she made a traditional pick, Chris or Roberto, why would she need strength to deal with the media?. She’s shown herself to be quite the media darling the last few weeks as they follow her every move in L.A. from jogging to shopping to getting manicures and hair extensions. Only if the media turned on her, would she need strength to deal with it. Yet, that’s seems to be what she’s expecting.

So, why would the media turn on her? Continue reading

Bachelorette: Roberto, Chris or No One?

Here’s the preview of next week in Bora Bora. I have to say, “The Bachelorette” redeemed itself last night with the Tahiti episode. The final outcome now seems up in the air. Ali could pick Chris, Roberto or no one.

The biggest winner of last night’s episode is Le Taha’a. The beauty of the island really stood out.

As for Frank, I’m just glad he’s gone. He’s so painful to watch. While I don’t have a favorite between Roberto and Chris (both are great choices) I think she has more in common with Chris and I don’t see any depth to her relationship with Roberto. With the promos promising (once again) the most dramatic finale ever, there has to be more than the usual final rose ceremony where F2 comes, gets rejected, then F1 shows up for a blissful ending.

So another season saved by The Bachelor, despite the massive spoilers. And one of these two guys undoubtedly will be the next Bachelor.

Chris Harrison: It’s Really Not About Frank

Bachelorette Host Chris Harrison, in an interview about the upcoming Tahiti episode, tells Reality TV Magazine:

“Like with Justin, if you think you know everything, and you think you’ve seen everything, you haven’t,” Chris Harrison hints. “That’s why we weren’t too worried about showing that something is coming because it’s something you have to see, something you’re going to want to hear and you have to experience to know what’s happened. It’s almost less about Frank and Ali and more about how it shapes the rest of our show.” (my emphasis)

So it’s not about Frank, it’s about the effect his leaving has on the outcome between Ali and the two guys still standing: Roberto and Chris. How many options are there? I see one. She ends up alone, either because she rejects the final two or one or both reject her. I think it’s a split decision: She rejects Chris, after which Roberto bows out. The only feasible alternative: Both bow out.

What we know: Ali has her Tahiti dates with Roberto and Chris. Then she goes for her date with Frank and before they get out the door, she gets dumped. Continue reading

Bachelorette Tahiti Sneak Peek

Where does all this take place? Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa, Relais & Châteaux. Here’s the Tahiti Tourisme press release:

Nestled in the shadows of Bora Bora, Ali will explore the hidden paradise of Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa by diving further into the depths of romance with her remaining bachelors. From cruising the crystal clear lagoon to flying high above Tupai Island (heart-shaped island) and Bora Bora in a private helicopter, America will witness how Le Taha’a Island Resort Spa was able to play matchmaker in creating such sacred and pivotal moments for Ali. Plus, viewers will not want to miss an unforgettable Rose Ceremony.