Bachelor Brad: South Africa Locations

The first shots of Brad Womack at the FRC (Final Rose Ceremony) are contained in this new ABC preview. And an interesting comment by host Chris Harrison, about Brad saying he’s found love:

Well we’ll have to see if they are together. Just because he’s in love doesn’t mean that it’s happily ever after. You’ll have to wait and see how it ends. But I will say this, he’s in love right now.

Some of the great scenery pictures in the Carribean are from a date with Ashley H. at the Cuisinart Resort in Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla. Chantal and Brad’s safari date takes place at another uber-luxurious resort, Lions Sands Game Preserve in Mpumalanga, SA. Yes, it’s also one of the places Jason and Molly stayed on their honeymoon.

When the Final Rose Ceremony comes around, thanks to the great sleuthers at FORT, we know Brad is staying at the luxurious six suite 26 Sunset Ave, Llandudno (virtual tour here.) The FRC seems to be a half-hour away, at Ernie Els Winery.

This may be the best season yet in terms of romantic and beautiful locations. It’s the journey and how the Bachelor/B’ette gets to the end, as well as the “edit” that makes the show so interesting, so don’t let the spoilers about who he chooses keep you from watching.

Bachelor Brad Finds Love This Time Around

The Bachelor 15, with Brad Womack’s second stint in the lead role, begins January 3. Now that the ending to The Bachelor is posted online weeks before the show even begins airing, watching is more about the “why” than the “who” — the journey rather than the result. And the locations, which this season will include Costa Rica , St. Martin and Anguilla, and South Africa.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know, click away now, because the ending is revealed below: Continue reading