Jesse’s Boys: Can Ali’s Compete?

jesse's boys

Why do the Bachelorette guys look so much better after they’re done filming? This is a group of former Bachelorette contestants on a cruise last month organized by former Bachelorette winner, Colorado Snowboarder Jesse Csincsak.

Can Ali’s guys match up? I thought they all seemed a little dorky tonight. Chris and Roberto and Frank will make to to the final three, when Frank decides to want out. There’s be a few more blowups along the way, but given the great scenes filmed in Iceland, Turkey, Portugal and Tahiti, who cares? I’m looking forward to hearing the Iceland group Feldberg serenade Ali and a date in Iceland.

Jesse blogged his thoughts on tonight’s show here. The Cassie he is referring to is an ABC producer whose job it is to shadow Ali from now until the finale.

Who did you like tonight? Who gave you the creeps?

Bachelorette Ali’s 25 Suitors

ABC has named the 25 guys Ali Fedotowski will choose from on this season of the Bachelorette which begins May 24. At the end of the first night, she’ll let 8 go, leaving 17. Spoiler Alert: Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens before it airs. Here’s who we think will make the 17 cut, with bolded names going much further:

Roberto Martinez – 26, insurance agent from Charleston, SC
Chris Lambton – 33, landscaper from Cape Cod, MA
Kirk DeWindt – 27, sales consultant (personal trainer) from Green Bay, WI
Frank Neuschaefer – 31, retail manager, from Geneva, IL
Ty Brown – 31, in medical sales and a country singer, from Nashville, TN
Kasey Kahl –27, advertising account executive from Clovis, CA
Justin Rego – 26, entertainment wrestler from Toronto, CA (bad boy of the season, gets kicked out)
Jesse Beck – 24, general contractor from Peculiar, MO
Tyler Vermette – 25, in online advertising, from Chelsea, VT
Chris Hasek-27, real estate developer from Vancouver, Canada
Chris N. 29, entrepreneur from Orlando, FL
Jonathan Novack – 30, weatherman from Houston, TX
Craig Robinson – 27, lawyer from Philadelphia, PA
Steve Kocsis – 28, sales representative from Cleveland, OH
Craig M. – 34, in dental sales, from Sarnia, Canada
Hunter Wagner – 28, internet account executive from San Antonio, TX
John Crivello – 32, in hotel business development, from Issaquah, WA

Reality Steve has the final five: Continue reading