Golden Globes Live Blog

Christian Bale wins the first award of the night for The Fighter.

Katey Sagal wins Best Actress for Sons of Anarchy, beating out Julianna Margulies, Kyra Sedgwick,Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) and a Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss. Was that an upset? This may be Mad Men’s last season, as the creator’s contract expired today. No word of renewal.

Carlos wins for best miniseries or tv movie.

Michael Douglas will present Best Picture, and Robert DeNiro is getting the special lifetime achievement award.

Bruce Willis is introduced as Ashton Kutcher’s dad. He introduces “Red” a movie about the CIA nominated for Best Comedy. The kid from Glee wins best supporting actor in a comedy.

Michelle Pfeiffer looks beautiful and she introduces Alice in Wonderland, as the camera flashes on Johnny Depp. He’ll win for something tonight.

This is such a fast show. It’s 6:40 pm and it seems most of the awards have been given out. I wonder how they will stretch it out till 9:00 pm.

Best Song: Alan Mencken is still writing songs? He has one of the nominees. I went to elementary school with him. I wonder if I’d recognize him. Diane Warren wins for Burlesque.

I think Ricky Gervais is boring. Is he ad-libbing his jokes? Robert Downey Junior looks very handsome and happy. I’m glad for him, he had a rough road for a while. Continue reading

The Golden Globes: Red Carpet

Michael Douglas looks really good and said he found out last week the tumor is gone, he's cancer free. Catherine Zeta Jones looks great.

Angelina is gorgeous is a green Versace. Love it. Lots of dark green tonight.

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Halle Berry looks beautiful but I didn't like the bottom of her Nina Ricci dress.

The worst: Not sure of their names but these two were a disaster (down to the different colored shoes.) Another miss: January Jones and Christina Aguillera.

Tina Fey and Julianna Margulies look very pale and tired. Don't like Tina's dress. Ann Hathaway's sequiny Armani dress wasn't my favorite. Jennifer Lopez's angel look misfires and she looks very bottom-heavy.

Megan Fox's Armani Prive is beautiful.

Celebrity Apprentice: New Cast

NBC has announced the new cast for Celebrity Apprentice:

Rocker Meatloaf
David Cassidy
Dionne Warwick
Latoya Jackson
Jose Canseco,
Richard Hatch (Survivor)
Gary Busey
Rapper Lil Jon
Marlee Matlin
Lisa Rinna
Nikki Taylor
Star Jones

And these, whom I’ve never heard of: John Rich, Mark McGrath, Hope Dworaczyk, NeNe Leakes.

There’s only three I’d tune in to watch, and they won’t be the ones to cause the most drama: Meatloaf, David Cassidy and Nikki Taylor.

The show begins airing March 6, 2011.

Gorilla Juicehead Heaven: Jersey Shore Returns

It's Gorilla Juicehead Heaven as Jersey Shore returns with Season 3 tonight. The group is back in Seaside Heights, minus Angelina, plus Snookie's friend Dina. In Season 1, they all drove beat-up cars to the Shore (they left in big black SUV's.) This year, most are driving black BMW's. Mike “The Situation” has moved up to a Range Rover. Can they still be authentic? Probably, as this season is supposed to be the wildest yet.

Snooki has been on a roll. She has a new book out, A Shore Thing, filled with Snooki'isms. The Daily Beast provides a partial dictionary of terms. The New Yorker pans it here. Continue reading

“Breaking Bad” Bryan Cranston’s New Web Video Series

Bryan Cranston, the Emmy Award winning lead on AMC's “Breaking Bad” (where he plays a high school chemistry teacher who runs a meth lab while in remission from cancer) has a new series, available only on the web, called “The Handlers.”

He plays a well-meaning politician running for state senate, who gets some really wacky advice from his incompetent handlers. The segments are only 3 minutes, and they are really funny. There will be 8 episodes in all, available on Atom TV. Here are the first two:

Continue reading

Brad Womack Lights Up When Discussing His New Love

Brad Womack, for those that watched his first stint as The Bachelor, know he can be a pretty uptight, serious guy. Watch him here, in this interview this morning, and you’ll see how he’s changed. He’s looser, happier, and practically giddy about having found love. It’s also refreshing to hear a Bachelor/ette with a vocabulary that contains a word other than “amazing.” In discussing the 30 women on the show, he uses phrases like “bold personalities.” He’s also very complimentary to all of them.

Tonight Brad was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was just as happy sounding as in the interview clip above. He also revealed he didn’t sleep with any of the women while on the show.

I’ve always thought of Brad as a pretty straight shooter. I hope this new love works out for him.