J.T. Wins Survivor Tocantins

J.T. of Survivor

“J.T.” Thomas, a 24 year old, adorable cattle rancher from Alabama won Survivor — by a unanimous jury vote. It wasn’t much of a surprise, he was the best-liked, most personable and cutest contestant.

I didn’t much care for the other contestants — or for the rainy, buggy Brazilian locale they competed in. I think I only kept watching to finally see Coach get his due. But, the last several episodes were interesting for the game-playing and strategic moves. I also got to like Stephen more as the show winded down but it was a no-brainer J.T. would win with the jury.

More on the goings on this season here. Next season, Survivor is off to Samoa where the show will have a treasure island theme. I also hope it has more likable contestants.