Bachelorette: Roberto, Chris or No One?

Here’s the preview of next week in Bora Bora. I have to say, “The Bachelorette” redeemed itself last night with the Tahiti episode. The final outcome now seems up in the air. Ali could pick Chris, Roberto or no one.

The biggest winner of last night’s episode is Le Taha’a. The beauty of the island really stood out.

As for Frank, I’m just glad he’s gone. He’s so painful to watch. While I don’t have a favorite between Roberto and Chris (both are great choices) I think she has more in common with Chris and I don’t see any depth to her relationship with Roberto. With the promos promising (once again) the most dramatic finale ever, there has to be more than the usual final rose ceremony where F2 comes, gets rejected, then F1 shows up for a blissful ending.

So another season saved by The Bachelor, despite the massive spoilers. And one of these two guys undoubtedly will be the next Bachelor.

One thought on “Bachelorette: Roberto, Chris or No One?

  1. conniegl6 says:

    I am sure ali ends up with frank ! He is going to be at the after the final rose why else would he be at the after final rose ,Instead of at the men tell all .I bet he decides in the end he wants ali instead of nicole !!!!

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