Bachelorette Ali’s Surprise Ending: The Possibilities

Ali Fedotowsky says the ending to her journey for love on the Bachelorette is a surprise, something that’s never happened before on the show. What could that be? As far as I can tell, only two things. Either her final choice rejects the final rose she offers (no proposal, she ends up alone) or she proposes to him rather than the other way around.

I’ve been leaning towards believing she ends up alone and is happy about something else in her life, like some exciting new show business or fashion job she’s been offered and anxious to start.

A few things point the other way. The finale was filmed on May 9. So far, we haven’t seen previews with an engagement ring in them. So, did the guys pick out rings? Here’s jeweler Neil Lane in an interview in the Boston Globe on Thursday May 6th. Lane was going to be in Boston on Thursday, May 13 to talk about his art and clients at the Museum of Fine Arts Fashion Council. (Here’s their Facebook post about it.) The event was not open to the public.

Q. “The Bachelor” pops up when you search your name online.

A. I’m going [this week] to film my fourth season with “The Bachelor” on an exotic island. This one is “The Bachelorette.” I’ve become part of that. I will present the rings for “The Bachelorette,” for the two bachelors she chooses, for them to decide on the ring. Doing these things are like – OK, why not?

Even if the interview was a few days earlier than May 6, the inclusion of [this week] means he was going the first week in May –the week of the final rose ceremony. The paper notes the interview was condensed and edited. Considering how far away Bora Bora is, if Ali wasn’t intending to pick someone that last week,would they have flown Neil Lane out?

Also, Roberto Martinez has not surfaced. While Chris Lampton has been out and about this summer on Cape Cod, there are no sightings of Roberto, only a change of address for his insurance license to Southern California. The no sightings suggest he’s the F1.

What’s never happened before on the Bachelorette? No bachelorette has proposed to her F1. Since Ali and Chris think viewers will be surprised but like the ending, and viewers want to see a love story and a happy ending, I now think there’s a fair possibility Ali proposed to Roberto and he accepted. Question: Was Chris Lampton still around, or had she already rejected him? That too would be a first for the Bachelorette: A final rose ceremony with only one guy. The suspense might be in “Will Roberto Accept?” rather than “Who did Ali Choose?”

Update: Put another way: Re-reading Chris. H.’s and Ali’s various interviews, there will be something different about the finale that hasn’t happened before. According to the TV Guide episode description, Ali takes a big risk on Bora Bora after the Meet the Parents part. Chris H. , in an interview with TV Guide, says it will be interesting to see if America agrees with what she does — as if she takes some action (rather than just makes a decision.)

At this point, America’s going to say, “Ali, you better not screw this up. You have two of the most amazing guys maybe in the history of this show, you better come through.” And that’s why it’ll be interesting with the finale of how America reacts to what Ali does when every woman in America is like “If she doesn’t pick Roberto have him call me,” or “If she doesn’t pick Chris, have him be the bachelor.”

The caption to the finale pictures from ABC Media Net ask whether Ali finds love with the man of her dreams or leaves paradise broken hearted (not just alone, but broken hearted.)

THE BACHELORETTE – “Episode 610” – Ali Fedotowsky, who risked everything for a second chance at love and began the search for her soul mate with 25 bachelors, has survived a dramatic, rocky road and has narrowed her search to two wonderful men, Chris L. and Roberto. As she prepares to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, she invites the two remaining bachelors to Bora Bora, Tahiti to meet her family. Will she find love with the man of her dreams or leave paradise with a broken heart? It’s a dramatic and emotional conclusion on the season finale of “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, AUGUST 2 (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MATT KLITSCHER)

Combine the above with Roberto being MIA since taping ended in May, which I think suggests he’s the F1 over Chris, and I think you have ….Ali rejecting Chris before the FRC and at the FRC, proposing to Roberto (rather than waiting to see if he proposes.) Since she’s so happy, he must have said yes.

I don’t have a favorite between the final two, but there are only so many possibilities that are consistent with Ali and Chris H.’s statements. Since they are the only two talking who know what happened, I’d say this is as likely as Ali rejecting both or getting rejected by her F1, which is what I thought happened a few days ago.