American Idol Judge Shake-Up: J-Lo and Steven Tyler?

Ellen DeGeneres leaves American Idol, Jennifer Lopez will take her place.

What about Simon Cowell’s replacement? Word is it will be Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. More here.

I’m more excited about Steven Tyler than J-Lo. What a better pick Tyler is over Elton John or Howard Stern. As to Ellen leaving, it’s what she wanted. She says it wasn’t fun. She had a year left on her contract and Fox let her out early. Who would be even better than Tyler? Jon Bon Jovi, but if they can’t afford Elton John, I doubt they can afford him, and he’s committed to touring for at least another year.

Will young fans think Tyler is too old or too weird? Very Possibly. Will he fit with Randy or Kara, or J-Lo? it’s very hard to picture them together. Maybe more changes are in store.