“Weeds” Season Six: Botwins On the Run

It seems like a lifetime ago that Weeds season five ended on Showtime. The last scenes were of Shane Botwin, age 16, killing Pilar, the rich and powerful controller of Esteban (Nancy’s new husband and baby- daddy, who happens to be both a Mexican politician and a drug-running mafioso) with a croquet maillot, while Nancy stares at her lifeless body lying facedown in the pool in disbelief.

But, back it is, and it looks to be another great season. In the first episode, “Thwack,” Nancy takes the family on the run to protect Shane. Alanis Morissette is back as Dr. Audra Kitson, with whom brother-in-law Andy is obsessively in love.

On the lam, the family change their names from Botwin to Newman and Nancy, Andy and Silas get jobs at a hotel. Here’s Nancy as a chambermaid.

The hotel’s valet is also a pot dealer, but he’s on strike.

So Nancy, who had given up pot, turns to making hash in the hotel’s laundry room. Esteban’s boys are back as well, trying to hunt them down. Looks like they found Doug (who they try to torture with what looks to be like a modified waterboarding technique) but he has no clue.

Some more video previews: Here’s older brother Silas asking Shane if he feels any different now that he’s killed someone. And here’s the family packing up the car and Shane telling the baby’s sitter, who asks if him if he’s a killer, that he doesn’t like labels.

Is there anything not to like about Weeds? Only that each episode is only 30 minutes long and we have to wait a week to see the next one.