Nuggets-Lakers Game 3: Go Nuggets!


This town is psyched. The Nuggets haven’t lost at home since March — 16 consecutive home games including 6 in the playoffs.

They last played the Lakers in Denver on Feb. 27 and they won, 90-79.

Update: End of first quarter, Nuggets up by 2. Can they keep the momentum? [More…]

Update: Halftime, Nuggets up by 4. Kobe is more active, but he can’t do it alone. Go Melo!

Update: Nuggets leading by 8 points, their biggest so far. The Tweets from the Pepsi Center are all about the electric atmosphere and pumped crowds.

Update: 9:15: Kobe makes a shot and the announcer wets his pants. He just started hyperventilating and screeching. No wonder I’m not a basketball fan. The score is now tied.

Update: The Nuggests lose. Kobe did a great job. The woman interviewing him is annoying. Back Monday at the Pepsi Center, it’s not over yet.