Golden Globes Live Blog

Christian Bale wins the first award of the night for The Fighter.

Katey Sagal wins Best Actress for Sons of Anarchy, beating out Julianna Margulies, Kyra Sedgwick,Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) and a Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss. Was that an upset? This may be Mad Men’s last season, as the creator’s contract expired today. No word of renewal.

Carlos wins for best miniseries or tv movie.

Michael Douglas will present Best Picture, and Robert DeNiro is getting the special lifetime achievement award.

Bruce Willis is introduced as Ashton Kutcher’s dad. He introduces “Red” a movie about the CIA nominated for Best Comedy. The kid from Glee wins best supporting actor in a comedy.

Michelle Pfeiffer looks beautiful and she introduces Alice in Wonderland, as the camera flashes on Johnny Depp. He’ll win for something tonight.

This is such a fast show. It’s 6:40 pm and it seems most of the awards have been given out. I wonder how they will stretch it out till 9:00 pm.

Best Song: Alan Mencken is still writing songs? He has one of the nominees. I went to elementary school with him. I wonder if I’d recognize him. Diane Warren wins for Burlesque.

I think Ricky Gervais is boring. Is he ad-libbing his jokes? Robert Downey Junior looks very handsome and happy. I’m glad for him, he had a rough road for a while.

Best original score goes to The Social Network.

Steve Buscemi wins best actor for Boardwalk Empire. Best TV Drama show: Boardwalk Empire. I didn’t think the show lived up to the hype, guess I was wrong.

Looks like despite the critics’ praise, The Good Wife isn’t getting awards this year.

Annette Bening wins Best actress for “the Kids are Alright.” She’s very classy and has such a pretty face, but I don’t get her hair. (She looks like she just got out of bed with Al Pacino who has the same distressed hair.) It was nice to see Warren Beatty’s smile when she thanked him.

Al Pacino wins Best Actor for You Don’t Know Jack. Clair Danes wins for Temple Grandin. HBO is wiping out the competition tonight. Is it their willingness to take on risky subject matter or their promotional budget?

Jane Fonda looks terrific. But I’m losing interest in the show. It’s been an assembly-line production with very little personality. Even the woman in black who just won and gave a very spirited thank you, to her mother who is from Southern California, her mother’s mother who is from Southern California, and her ancestor before that, also from Southern California, failed to wake Kyra Sedgewick up — she’s practically asleep leaning on her husband, Kevin Bacon.

DeNiro’s acceptance of his lifetime achievement award is up next. I may not make it to see Johnny Depp win.

Redemption: The montage of Robert DeNiro clips was outstanding. His acceptance speech included some substance: There would be more foreign press here if they hadn’t been deported; same for the waiters; and Homeland Security is busy doing TSA images of Megan Fox. And a lot of humor. What a great actor.

Social Network wins for Best Director. And Paul Giamatti beats Johnny Depp, who was nominated for both The Tourist and Alice in Wonderland. Other losers in the category: Kevin Spacey and Jake Gyllenhaal. Bizarre choice. And why was Angelina Jolie nominated for The Tourist in the comedy category?

What happened to Ricky Gervais? Did they yank him? He’s been MIA for a significant amount of time.

Natalie Portman wins for Black Swan. Not unexpected. She looks so pretty.

Gervais is back. Reading from cue cards. Tom Hanks is up, and now Tom Hanks and his co-presenter Tin Allen are bashing Gervais.

Best picture, comedy or musical: The Kids Are Alright scores it. Once again, why is TheTourist in this category?

Best actor drama: Sandra Bullock presents. Colin Firth wins for The King’s Speech. His speech is rambling and too long.

What’s left? The Black Swan vs. Social Network? Michael Douglas is presenting the award which goes to…The Social Network.

Everybody leaves, and Gervais comes back to thank everyone. Then he says “Thank G-d..for making me an atheist.” Huh? What a non-sequitur. No one’s listening to him, they’re all walking out.

Hope for next year: A different host.