“Diversity” Wins Britain’s Got Talent

Update 2:47 pm MT: Voting is closed. And the winner is: Diversity.


Top Three: Susan Boyle, Julian Smith and Diversity. Third place: Julian Smith. (He was terrific, you can watch his final performance here.) Second: Susan Boyle. She was totally gracious. She said, “The best won.” She smiled, laughed and raised her skirt and showed some leg.


Original Post: Britain’s Got Talent Final Underway

Will Susan Boyle win Britain’s Got Talent? the competition is underway. You can watch live streaming here. Her final performance is here.

12:54 pm MT: Boyle’s on. Standing ovation from judges.


Piers: Greatest performance in BGT history, you should win. Judge Amanda agrees.


Simon says whether she wins or loses, she should hold her head high. She faced her critics and she won.

Simon Boyle

Tweets here.

Uh-Oh. Diversity gives Boyle a run for her money. The crowd loves her, the judges give them a standing ovation. Simon says the competition is wide open now and calls them “sheer perfection.”

Last act, Julian Smith. Another standing ovation. Simon calls it brilliant. Piers: Perfect way to end an incredible night.

Results in 1 hour.

2:25pm MT: Winner to be announced in 5 minutes.

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  1. CoralGables says:

    Sounds like Susan has some serious issues that are not going to work in her favor down the road. She was checked into a mental health hospital today after “behaving strangely” and suffering an emotional breakdown.

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