Big Brother Finale

Jordan Wins Big Brother
Final Update: Congratulations, Jordan! Natalie got 2 votes, from Russell and Kevin. Jeff won the vote for America’s favorite player and $25,0000.

Update: Final Statements to the jury. Jordan is good but rambles too much and goes on too long. Natalie does a halfway decent job of making it seem she stuck to her alliances, but does she convince anyone? She also admits she didn’t win much, but just hooked onto stronger players. They vote and make statements, without revealing who they voted for. Sounds like Russell votes for Natalie. Lydia for sure for Jordan. Jeff of course for Jordan. Michelle for Jordan. Jesse, I think Jordan. Kevin says he voted strategically. Julie Chen casts America’s vote which will be for Jordan.

Guests evicted earlier come out and tell how Kevin and Natalie lied about everything. Jordan is shocked. Natalie is laughing. The jury members looks surprised, are any reconsidering their votes either way?


Update: Jordan wins final HOH! What a suspenseful competition. She’s going to decide between either Kevin and Natalie. She’s better off taking Natalie, but does she know it?

Update: She knows it. She took Natalie. In his exit interview, Kevin says he’s not angry and thinks the most important factor in picking the final winner is who played the best game strategically. Sounds like he’ll vote for Natalie, and not out of anger at Jordan.

Will America’s vote as the 7th juror decide this? If so, Jordan wins. Jeff and Michelle will vote for Jordan. I think Lydia will too. Jesse might as well. I think Russell could go either way. Let’s see how they answer the jury’s questions.

Jordan does great on the questions. She explains her “lay low” strategy and focuses on the compettions she won late in the game. Natalie has them rolling their eyes at her answers. Even the audience is laughing at her. Vote coming up. I won’t be surprised if it’s unanimous for Jordan. And if it’s close, America will put her over the top. Natalie is toast.


Kevin says he’ll take Jordan. Jordan tells Kevin she’ll take him, but in the Diary Room, says she’ll take Natalie because Kevin has won too many competitions and will get more votes in the jury house.

Kevin and Natalie are fighting. She’s telling him she’ll vote for Jordan in the jury house if he wins HOH and picks Jordan. She tells him he has a better chance going against her in the jury house because there’s no way Michelle or Lydia will vote for her. Two weeks ago, when Jeff got to the jury house, Jesse and Russell said they wouldn’t vote for Natalie. Did they mean it? Michelle arrived at the jury house last week. Russell was upset, he wanted her to win the whole thing. She recounts the Pandora’s Box incident where Natalie’s boyfriend proposed. No one cares. Lydia announces Natalie lied about being 18, she’s really 24. As a result, Michelle tells the camera, Natalie’s reputation has suffered in the jury house. Jesse says he would have voted for Michelle over Natalie.

The evicted players in the jury room are now debating who needs to win. Russell doesn’t think Jordan was a strong player. Jeff does a good job defending her. Jesse downplays Natalie’s skill. Jeff tears into Natalie. Lydia is all about Kevin. Seems like everyone would prefer Kevin and Jordan over Natalie.

Final HOH competition coming up.