Chris Harrison: It’s Really Not About Frank

Bachelorette Host Chris Harrison, in an interview about the upcoming Tahiti episode, tells Reality TV Magazine:

“Like with Justin, if you think you know everything, and you think you’ve seen everything, you haven’t,” Chris Harrison hints. “That’s why we weren’t too worried about showing that something is coming because it’s something you have to see, something you’re going to want to hear and you have to experience to know what’s happened. It’s almost less about Frank and Ali and more about how it shapes the rest of our show.” (my emphasis)

So it’s not about Frank, it’s about the effect his leaving has on the outcome between Ali and the two guys still standing: Roberto and Chris. How many options are there? I see one. She ends up alone, either because she rejects the final two or one or both reject her. I think it’s a split decision: She rejects Chris, after which Roberto bows out. The only feasible alternative: Both bow out.

What we know: Ali has her Tahiti dates with Roberto and Chris. Then she goes for her date with Frank and before they get out the door, she gets dumped. Continue reading

Bachelorette: Is Frank Ready for His Close-Up?

Is Frank Neuschaefer ready for his turn as the Most Hated Man in America? It’s coming, Monday night.

How poorly does Ali take Frank’s news?

But not to worry, the next day she’ll be ready for love again, first with Chris and then Roberto.

She either picks no one or is engaged to Roberto. The show wants us to think she’s engaged to Roberto. Reality Steve , who’s been right all season, says she’s alone. Cash, who is a much-trusted sleuther at FORT, has a source saying she’s engaged to Roberto, and the source’s scenario fits pretty well.

What about Chris? He’s being offered the next Bachelor spot. Will he accept? I think so. If he was adverse to being on national tv, he wouldn’t have done the Bachelorette. With his story and his family’s “phenomenal” edit, it will be a gold mine for ABC and they’ll make it worth his while. There may be others the camera loves more, but with the Bachelor, it’s the women whose personalities and drama are showcased. The men are there for their hotness and Chris will do fine in that department. Especially after the stylists get done with him and he’s pumped iron for three months.

I’m not completely sold on the Roberto engagement rumors. I think she’s been bitten by the show business bug and she’d rather take a shot on Dancing With the Stars than move to Charleston, S.C. and open a dress shop or help run a State Farm agency.

Here’s the ABC episode guide for Monday: Continue reading