Bachelorette Episode #2: Spoilers, From 20 to 16

Jillian - Red Flower

(Updates below): Jillian will go from 20 bachelors to 16 tonight.

After the 20 cocktail-party survivors settle into their “animal house,” one accompanies Jillian to Hollywood’s House of Blues, where they’re serenaded by Martina McBride. Another dines with Jillian in a bank vault. Group dates include a trip to Venice Beach, where guys play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters; and a pool party, followed by a race across L.A. Come elimination time there’s a new wrinkle: The men vote on whom they’d like to see go, and after Jillian weighs in 16 are left.

Here’s my guess as to who is eliminated (in bold):

Brad, 27, financial advisor from Chicago, IL.
Brian, 32, IT consultant from Atlanta, GA.
David, 27, trucking contractor from Dayton, OH.
Ed, 29, technology consultant from Chicago, IL.
Jake, 31, commercial pilot from Dallas, TX.
Jesse, 27, wine maker from Carmel Valley, CA.
Juan, 35, general contractor from Santa Monica, CA.
Julien, 34, restauranteur from San Diego, CA.
Kiptyn, 31, business developer from Encinitas, CA.
Mark, 26, pizza entrepreneur from Denver, CO.
Mathue, 26, personal trainer from Wichita, KS.
Michael, 25, break dance instructor from Astoria, NY.
Mike, 28, baseball camp owner from New York, NY.
Reid, 30, realtor from Philadelphia, PA.
Robby, 25, bartender from Spring, TX.
Sasha, 27, oil and gas consultant from Tiki Island, TX.
Simon, 26, soccer coach from Bradford, England
Tanner F., 28, sales representative from Derby, KS/Denver.
Tanner P., 30, financial analyst from Dallas, TX.
Wes, 32, musician from Austin, TX.

Who to keep your eye on? Mike, Kip and Reid, for sure. Maybe Jesse. Wes the country singer makes it to a home town date but gets cut then. There’s lots of talk he just went on the show for publicity to further his career.

I think the final two will be Kip and Reid, but I’m not completely sure yet. Continue reading