Brad Womack Lights Up When Discussing His New Love

Brad Womack, for those that watched his first stint as The Bachelor, know he can be a pretty uptight, serious guy. Watch him here, in this interview this morning, and you’ll see how he’s changed. He’s looser, happier, and practically giddy about having found love. It’s also refreshing to hear a Bachelor/ette with a vocabulary that contains a word other than “amazing.” In discussing the 30 women on the show, he uses phrases like “bold personalities.” He’s also very complimentary to all of them.

Tonight Brad was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was just as happy sounding as in the interview clip above. He also revealed he didn’t sleep with any of the women while on the show.

I’ve always thought of Brad as a pretty straight shooter. I hope this new love works out for him.

Bachelor Brad: South Africa Locations

The first shots of Brad Womack at the FRC (Final Rose Ceremony) are contained in this new ABC preview. And an interesting comment by host Chris Harrison, about Brad saying he’s found love:

Well we’ll have to see if they are together. Just because he’s in love doesn’t mean that it’s happily ever after. You’ll have to wait and see how it ends. But I will say this, he’s in love right now.

Some of the great scenery pictures in the Carribean are from a date with Ashley H. at the Cuisinart Resort in Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla. Chantal and Brad’s safari date takes place at another uber-luxurious resort, Lions Sands Game Preserve in Mpumalanga, SA. Yes, it’s also one of the places Jason and Molly stayed on their honeymoon.

When the Final Rose Ceremony comes around, thanks to the great sleuthers at FORT, we know Brad is staying at the luxurious six suite 26 Sunset Ave, Llandudno (virtual tour here.) The FRC seems to be a half-hour away, at Ernie Els Winery.

This may be the best season yet in terms of romantic and beautiful locations. It’s the journey and how the Bachelor/B’ette gets to the end, as well as the “edit” that makes the show so interesting, so don’t let the spoilers about who he chooses keep you from watching.

Bachelor Brad Finds Love This Time Around

The Bachelor 15, with Brad Womack’s second stint in the lead role, begins January 3. Now that the ending to The Bachelor is posted online weeks before the show even begins airing, watching is more about the “why” than the “who” — the journey rather than the result. And the locations, which this season will include Costa Rica , St. Martin and Anguilla, and South Africa.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know, click away now, because the ending is revealed below: Continue reading

Bach’ette Ali Dishes on Brad Womack’s Upcoming season

In an interview Monday, published on Zapit, Ali is all smiles as she’s interviewed by someone from ZapIt– about her and Roberto’s life, Tenley and Kiptyn, her eventual marriage, and how great it is to be getting to know each other better right now. If you listen, there’s a hint that she’s not crazy about the “suburban” area in San Diego where the couple rented an apartment. She’d rather be “in town.” I think town is a better fit for her as well — and if not “in town”, then certainly La Jolla or Del Mar. I have the sense she’ll get there soon enough. Kiptyn is a long time resident of the area, he could help her and and Roberto find a perfect rental starter house.

She didn’t say what she was doing, whether her new daytime quickshow on local tv was rewarding, or whether she longed to report on more serious matters.

She does seem happy though, which makes me happy for them.

(Recommended Resource: Watch Brad Womack in Season 15 of The Bachelor online.)

Bachelor 15: Brad Womack To Return

Bachelor Pad may have started a trend: Retreads. I don’t mean that in an unflattering way — I like watching many of the past contestants after their season is over — like Melissa Rycroft moving on to DWTS, Jesse Csincsak and his Bachelor reunions, Wes Hayden and his concert tours. Apparently, viewers do too.

The latest: Breaking with the tradition of recent years, the star of Bachelor 15 will not be an Ali Fedotowski reject, but a former Bachelor. Which one? Brad Womack of Season 11, that aired in the fall of 2007. Brad, you may recall, was the first Bachelor to reject both of his final choices at the Final Rose Ceremony. It was like leaving not one, but two brides at the alter.

What a brilliant choice by Mike Fleiss & Co. Not only do the show’s loyal viewers remember Brad, the sexy bar owner from Texas, but he turned out to be a polarizing figure, which is great for ratings. He’s also a great choice for new viewers who don’t remember him from Season 11 because he is very hot looking. Like eye candy. And, both new and old fans of the show will tune in to see if the season ends with another train wreck and who the road kill will be, all the while hoping he really finds love this time. (I’d call it built-in suspense, but I’m sure Reality Steve will publish the final outcome before the first episode even airs.)

The question is, why would Brad put himself through this again? If you missed Season 11, here’s a short recap in pictures: Continue reading

Bachelor Pad: And The Real Winner Is…

Face it. The Bachelor Pad sucked. Horrible show, torturous to watch. But, guess what? The finale was good. The right couple won, but the real winner is comeback kid of the year, Wes Hayden.

To recap: Congrats to Dave and Natalie. Of the two final couples, they were my fave by miles. I’ve always liked Natalie, she has so much moxie and not an ounce of fake goody-two shoes-ness. Dave really rehabilitated himself from his angry, psycho, over-macho performance on Jillian’s season, something I never would have thought possible. I actually liked him on this show.

But my favorite part, and I’ll bet I’m not alone, was Wes and Gia. They make a great couple, and he’s so due some love after the way the show trashed him with its hatchet-editing job on Jillian’s season. I’m glad Chris Harrison acknowledged it — and they let him sing at the end.

I doubt Kiptyn and Tenley will make it, she’ll drive him crazy with her helium voice and two note repertoire, little girl giggles or crying. I don’t care about them one way or the other, but I really hope Wes and Gia last. I think Gia is the best looking woman to appear on the show, all seasons combined, and she seems to have a big heart to match. Elizabeth? Yikes, run for cover. Nikki? Loosen up girl, you come across like a grandmother. Memo to Michelle: Karma’s a b*tch. Which is why you should have forgiven Tenley when she apologized (for the third time.) It will come back to bite you. Continue reading

Big Brother: The Final Three

Big Brother’s final Head of Household contest happens in three parts. Hayden won part One. Part Two airs tonight, and Part Three will air on Finale night, Sept. 15.

In part One, the three remaining contestants, Hayden, Lane and Enzo, compete in an endurance contest. Hayden won.

Part Two will be a skill game between the two who lost in Part One: Enzo and Lane. It will air tonight.

Part three will be a knowledge test about events that occurred during the season. It will be between Hayden and the winner of Part 2.

The winner of Part 3 will become HOH. The other two houseguests will automatically be nominated for eviction, but since they can’t vote, the HOH breaks the tie and chooses who to evict. The other guy moves to the Final Two with him.

Again, Parts 1 and 2 will air tonight and Part 3 will be shown on Finale Night, and right after the third guy is eliminated, the members of the jury house will come on to vote for the winner. Also, the viewers’ favorite and winner of the $25,000. prize will be announced.

Las Vegas Sportsbook: Bristol Palin Least Likely to Win DWTS

Via MediaLite: Wynn Las Vegas put out a press release with the odds of winning for each of the new couples on Dancing With the Stars. In last place, at 35:1, Bristol Palin and Mark Balas.

MediaLite makes a good point about why Bristol may not be sent home as early as some think: Sarah Palin’s Facebook Friends could keep her in.

A big part of the elimination process is fan voting. You don’t think Sarah Palin can use the power of her Facebook page to mobilize support for her daughter’s cha-cha?

In third place, the couple I’ll be rooting for: Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough.

The full list of couples and odds follows: Continue reading