An Awkward Yet Happy Bachelor Pad Ending

Holly, Michael, Blake

What a season for Bachelor Pad. Trashy Vienna came close to ruining the season, followed by the supremely self-delusional Kasey and the unhinged Melissa.

Holly and Michael and Michelle and Graham not only saved the show, they elevated it, from what began and for most of the season remained, an almost unwatchable whine-fest.

Michelle put her unlikable Bachelor Brad character behind her, and clam-like, wooden Graham finally showed us a glimpse of a personality. They are a good couple, they actually humanize each other. Graham seems to have grown up since his spoiled-boy days on Deanna’s season. They might actually make it, and I hope they do.

Michael and Holly have a similar, uncanny trait: their feelings instantly show on their faces. It’s not acting, or even a conscious disregard of the cameras. It’s just how they are– simple, uncomplicated souls who feel rather than think everything to death.

You had to know Michael and Holly were done romantically when Brett Michaels sang to them. Watching them sitting through the song, knowing it was too late for them, was so awkward. Even Brett Michaels knew it. But that was nothing compared to tonight, with Michael getting blindsided by Holly and Blake’s engagement. It was easily the most awkward moment in Bachelor history — it even outdid Jake and Vienna’s blow-up. And Michael was priceless: “Can’t I get a glass of water? Or a commercial break?” He came back quick and classy, as always. But I’d still rather be friends with Holly.

Holly is a very upbeat person. She’s always giggling. But the whole season on Bachelor Pad, she never laughed with Michael. She just sat there stone-faced. He could never answer her question: Why is he so sure he’s in love with her now, when he had three months before the show to change his mind about dumping her? If there had been no Blake and no threat, would he be so sure she was the love of his life again? Michael does have some growing up to do.

Holly was her happy self around Blake. Who cares that no one else liked him? He was no better or worse than the others. He’s a dentist who goes on national dating shows for excitement who happened to fall in love. More power to him.

Blake lit up like a Christmas tree tonight talking about Holly before revealing she’s moving to South Carolina and they are engaged. All night, he was beaming, just looking at her. Good for him for knowing what he wanted and going for it. And not being intimidated by Michael’s “woe is me” attitude in the house. (And especially for not caving to the insufferable Melissa. )

So it’s no surprise that Holly and Michael won, they played the game and took risks while Graham and Michelle stayed in the shadows to avoid controversy. That’s not playing, that’s surviving. Michael won some challenges, but Holly made the biggest play of the game, sending Blake home out of loyalty to her game partner Michael. I’m glad they got the majority of the votes and that they each decided to split the money. Although that was a given, no matter how the show tried to make it suspenseful.

Props to Erica for the best one-liners of the season. She was always ready with a clever, biting quip and most were spot-on.

One person who I like who ended up a bit of a disappointment was Ella. She seemed more genuine and less prissy than she was on Jason’s season. But after repeating every chance she got that she needed the money the most because she was a single parent and wanted to buy a house for her and her son because no one else would, she decided to have extensive plastic surgery — after she lost and knew she didn’t win the money. And the bad judgment to brag about it to Life and Style — nose, breasts and liposection Even though Erica’s father, who performed the surgery, probably gave her a huge discount, it probably wasn’t comped entirely. I assume she got a cash bonus for making it to the final four on Bachelor Pad. But if she was honest about her need for the money, why not put it aside for her son or their house?

Erica’s dad did a good job on Ella. he also did Vienna’s nose. (What other reason would Vienna and Kasey have for spending a week at Erica’s house in Houston? ) So Erica’s dad is 1-1. Vienna’s nose job is a bust from the profile view.

No need to write about Jake, he’s as transparent a fame wh* as his ex, Vienna and the unappealing Justin. Will he get some B-rated reality TV show, start flashing some money, resulting in Vienna leaving Kasey to go back to him? I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t believe for a second he went on Bachelor Pad for closure with Vienna. He just wanted to use the show to audition for a new role.

Jackie was a whiner tonight. Hint: Rent a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You” and get over it. Ames was right for cutting it off sooner rather than later, once he realized she wasn’t the secure, independent person he thought she was. And Ali, the dark-haired one, no matter how hard she tries, she’s never going to get attention. She doesn’t have “it.” She reminds me of Nikki from Jake’s season. TV and stardom aren’t in their cards.

Gia was a quitter this season. She was way better on Bachelor Pad last season. She needs to toughen up, and realize she has assets that can take her much further than the Bachelor franchise ever will. She’s beautiful and has a modeling background — she should get a contract with a cosmetics company. And stop wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Anyway, to sum up, the final four represented Bachelor Pad at its best, salvaging a season so filled with cheap drama it was almost unbearable.

On to Ben as the next Bachelor. He was the best guy Ashley had on her season, but I wonder if he’s too meek and introspective for the role. Hopefully the Bachelor knows this and will compensate by casting some outrageous female contestants we will love to hate. I suspect he’s doing this to promote his wine business, not to find love, but knowing the Bachelor, he’ll end up head over heels.

I’m already thinking ahead to the next Bachelorette: Emily, please reconsider and say yes.