“Damages” Does Bernie Madoff

The new season of “Damages” begins tonight on FX. It’s a fictionalized version of the Bernard Madoff case (without using their names of course.) The New York Times explains and gives it a big thumbs up, especially for Lily Tomlin who plays the financier’s wife.

Rose Byrne is now a D.A. but she and Patty continue their complex and bizarre relationship. Update below:

Prediction: Between the Madoff theme and Glenn Close’s great acting, the show will be a big hit this season. Lily Tomlin and Martin Short are really good additions. I’ve never liked Rose Byrne, and considering she’s playing a drug prosecutor getting people to flip, I like her even less. But the action was fast paced enough that she wasn’t on the screen that long at any one time.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Patty’s “stalker” (the “architect” figures in.)

Nice touches: FX also played tonight’s episode without commercials — and Glenn Close came on at the very end to thank everyone for watching.