Bachelor San Francisco: Jake Chooses 4 for Home Town Dates

San Francisco is the location for week 5 of The Bachelor. Here’s a break-down of the dates for Jake and the remaining 5 contestants:

There are three 1:1 dates and one 2:1 date. No roses are given during the dates, so all five make it to the rose ceremony. Jake lets one go and the remaining four get home town dates.

  • First is Tenley and a 1:1 date to Chinatown and the Coit Tower in San Francisco
  • Second is the 2:1 date with Gia and Vienna at the Castillo di Amorosa in Napa.
  • Third is Corrie at Golden State Park and dinner at the Science Museum.
  • Fourth is Ali, a day trip with brunch through the city ending with sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Predictions: (Spoiler Alert): Corrie tells Jake she’s a virgin. She ends up being the one who goes home.

From the ABC extended episode guide, out today:

“Episode 1405” – The pressure is really on, as Jake struggles to decide which four women he will escort home to meet their families. But first, the five remaining bachelorettes end their adventurous road trip in the romantic city of San Francisco. This week there will three individual dates and one two –on-one date, but no roses are at stake. The rivalry between the women intensifies and tensions are running high as their feelings for Jake grow, on “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

On the first individual date, one of the bachelorettes joins Jake for a private trolley ride through Chinatown. The couple explore the neighborhood, sampling exotic foods and visiting a fortune cookie factory, writing their own fortunes – to be opened later. Afterward, Jake turns up the heat, taking the woman to the top of the historic Coit Tower for a private dinner with breathtaking views of the city. However, things take a serious turn when the two have a heart-to-heart talk about love, marriage and what they’re looking for in a relationship. Will they see eye to eye on their possible future together?

Fireworks continue among the women as the competition for one of the hometown dates heats up. On the two-on-one date, one bachelorette has no problem dominating the dinner conversation. With the beautiful Castello di Amaroso winery in Napa Valley as a backdrop, the romance between Jake and one of the women intensifies. But the other bachelorette isn’t about to see another woman get between her and her man. When the trio head off to their respective bedrooms in the castle, Jake gets a late night surprise visit.

The next day, Jake takes another woman for a special date in San Francisco’s Golden State Park. Their date continues with a private dinner at the Science Academy. Surrounded by aquariums full of exotic sea life, the bachelorette decides to risk it all, surprising Jake with a very personal revelation.

Finally, Jake spends the day of the rose ceremony enjoying the city with one bachelorette. While the other women worry about the unfair advantage she might enjoy, the couple stroll through charming neighborhoods and stop for brunch before capping off their wonderful day with a sunset toast under the Golden Gate Bridge. However, his day isn’t quite picture perfect because Jake has some troubling issues he must confront the bachelorette about.

No woman is safe at the rose ceremony. Jake is faced with an impossible decision to send one woman home. In the end, he must narrow the field to four bachelorettes – the four who will invite him into their families’ homes – while one devastated woman leaves her heart in San Francisco.

The five women are:

Ali, 25, an advertising account manager from Williamstown, MA
Corrie, 23, a wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, FL
Gia, 26, a swimsuit model from New York, NY
Tenley, 25, a college admissions representative from Newberg, OR
Vienna, 23, a marketing representative from Sanford, FL