Jake Added to Bachelor Pad, Post-Vienna Split

Radar reports what I suspected, that Jake and Vienna have been broken up for a month. Why does this timeline fit? Because Chris Harrison announced today that Jake Pavelka is indeed part of the cast of the upcoming Bachelor Pad.

The Bachelor Pad began filming around June 7. It was supposed to film for 15 days or so, which means filming has just wrapped up. Co-Host Melissa Rycroft tweeted today she’s headed back home from LA.

Why were there 19 contestants instead of the planned 20? The 20th, Mattue Johnson, was sent home the morning filming was set to begin. Was it because Jake let them know he and Vienna were headed to splitsville and they wanted to make room for Jake?

It seems to me the announcement of the Jake-Vienna split was timed to ramp up interest in the new Bachelor Pad show. Same for the new round of Jake and Vienna interviews, with each giving markedly different reasons for their split, and Chris Harrison confirming Jake has been added to the show. And it’s going to get uglier.

(photo by Barcroft Media.)

The Bachelor needs for the Bachelor Pad to be a hit. This season with Ali as the Bachelorette has been the most boring ever, despite the great locations. She’s insecure and constantly alternates between her two emotions: giddiness and whining. She’s pretty but has no sex appeal. The guys are as bland a group as I can ever recall. And rumor is after her F3 Frank bows out in Tahiti, she picks no one. With this kind of a snoozer of a season, the Bachelor needs a serious infusion of energy. What better way than the Bachelor Pad, bringing back uber-enemies Wes and Jake, crazy alpha male David Good, and psycho queen Michelle. They will be balanced out by the sane Kiptyn, demure (but very sexy) Gia, goody-two shoes Tenley, party girl Natalie Getz, and a few others who were and remain, totally forgettable.

Back to Vienna and Jake. Their whole relationship may have been a publicity stunt. I think Vienna’s turned out to be the better actress. Watch her tearful account of Jake rejecting intimacy with her.

As to how the Bachelor Pad is set up:

“Bachelor Pad,” premiering Monday, August 9 at 8 p.m. on ABC, brings together 19 of the most unforgettable characters from seasons’ past living together in the “Bachelor Pad” mansion. Each week they’ll compete in challenges for immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with contestants of their choice. The winner of the challenge will then grant immunity to one of his or her dates via the presentation of a rose. At the end of each episode, the contestants will vote to determine which cast members will be ousted from the “Bachelor Pad.”

My bets for the final two: Kiptyn and Tenley, who, by the way, reportedly are dating. He probably won the athletic challenges and saved her from elimination. It would be good PR for the Bachelor franchise because he’s already said he’d donate the money to charity.