BB 13: Rachel Deserved to Win, The Season in a Nutshell

Hate her or not, the whiny, obnoxious Rachel was the only finalist who deserved to win. And win she did, by only one vote, which surprisingly came from Shelley (who probably voted for her to to get further back into Jordan and Jeff’s good graces.) And what a surprise (not): After repeating ad nauseum all week he would vote for the person who won round 3 and the most competitions, Adam voted for his friend and fellow newbie, the sleeper/lounger extraordinaire, Porsche.

The season’s biggest losers: Take your pick.

Porsche and Adam didn’t even belong in the Final 3. While Porshe slept and sunbathed, Adam waddled from side to side and was both boring and a boor to watch. (Watchng Adam was about as bad as watching Kalia eat non-stop from morning till nite.)

None of the others, including Brendan, were more than a blip on the radar screen.

But let’s end on a positive note: Jeff was America’s favorite (and Jordan played a big role in that) — well deserved.

And yes to the teamwork we saw from Jordan and Rachel.

Time to step it up Big Brother. Now that you are renewed for Season 14, please choose some more interesting contestants. This season was so bad even those of us who hated Rachel had to root for her to win.