“Weeds” Season 5: Tonight’s Series Opener

Season 4 of Weeds with the addition of the “Mexican Mafia” was the most intense and best yet. The story line continues in Season 5, previews from Monday night’s show above.

“Weeds” is one of my favorite series, I’ll be updating after tomorrow night’s show.

2 thoughts on ““Weeds” Season 5: Tonight’s Series Opener

  1. randy80302 says:

    I am a big fan of Weeds. I am DVRing it while I watch I’m a celeb…

    Jeralyn, I am supprised that you have not blogged about the Breckenridge Sensible Colorado marijuana legalization campaign.

    I am working on a post called “How you and 498 of your friends can legalize marijuana in your town.”

  2. Tony says:

    Very excited for this one! I am finally caught up and just finished season 4 on DVD. It really is an underrated show.

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