Bachelorette (Episode 4) in Vancouver: 13 to 10

Spoilers ahead: Don’t read if you want to be surprised.

Jillian Harris takes her 13 remaining bachelors to her home town of Vancouver this week. All together, there will be three Canadian episodes. In addition to Vancouver, there will be Whistler and then one featuring a train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer to Banff, where the last Canadian rose ceremony is held. At the end of the Canadian episodes, she’s down to 5 guys who then go on hometown dates.

As for Vancouver’s episode tonight:

Dates include a romantic dinner at Grouse Mountain Resort, a kayaking excursion to Granville Island, a romantic picnic in Stanley Park, and a Vancouver harbour cruise aboard the classic luxury yacht, Pacific Yellowfin, complete with a Dungeness crab dinner hosted by adventure travel outfitter Exposure. Jillian also has the guys flex their muscles in a competitive match of curling!

Kip goes on the kayaking excursion. It’s certain he gets a rose. The picnic in Stanley Park/dinner on Grouse Mountain date is a 2 on 1 date with Mark and Mike. Mike won’t get a rose and will go home before the rose ceremony. The five bachelors on the winning curling match team will go on the yacht date. Anger-prone David acts like a jerk on the yacht. I think he goes home tonight.

Jillian will cut two at the rose ceremony in Vancouver (in addition to letting Mike go.) At the pre-rose cocktail party, there’s drama with Tanner P. telling Jillian some of the guys have girlfriends. She gets upset and cancels the rest of the party. The guys are left sitting and squabbling amongst themselves about the disclosure. Then the rose ceremony takes place. Jillian asks them to explain. It doesn’t sound like the girlfriend issue is fully resolved in this episode. So, who goes home? Here’s my guess:

David, 27, trucking contractor from Dayton, OH.
Ed, 29, technology consultant from Chicago, IL.
Jake, 31, commercial pilot from Dallas, TX.
Jesse, 27, wine maker from Carmel Valley, CA.
Juan, 35, general contractor from Santa Monica, CA.
Kiptyn, 31, business developer from Encinitas, CA.
Mark, 26, pizza entrepreneur from Denver, CO.
Michael, 25, break dance instructor from Astoria, NY.
Mike, 28, baseball camp owner from New York, NY.
Reid, 30, realtor from Philadelphia, PA.
Robby, 25, bartender from Spring, TX.
Tanner P., 30, financial analyst from Dallas, TX.
Wes, 32, musician from Austin, TX.

Why do I only have two? Because the third seems to be either Tanner or Juan. I’m undecided still.

Another Canadian article says:

She goes kayaking to Granville Island and then two teams of five of the fellers go curling at Marpole Curling Club. The winning rink got to go for a crab dinner on the Pacific Yellowfin and the final date-off was a picnic in Stanley Park. Then, one of her ardent amours ended up on Grouse Mountain for a snowball fight and romantic sunset dinner.

According to the ABC episode description:

Jillian goes home to Vancouver and the 13 remaining bachelors excitedly follow her, all anxious that they fit in with her lifestyle. In a true Canadian adventure, Jillian invites a group of the men on a competitive curling date, but only the winning team gets to join her for a romantic sunset cruise around the city of Vancouver. Kiptyn is the lucky man to receive an intimate one-on-one date and a home-cooked meal back at Jillian’s place. But the dreaded two-on-one date involves two very different bachelors vying for the one rose and ends on a snow-covered mountain with one man being sent home heartbroken. However, when one of the bachelors discloses to Jillian that some of the men supposedly have girlfriends back home, she demands the truth from those bachelors, throwing the rose ceremony into turmoil.

Jillian will give a rose to one of the five men on the yacht date. I’m almost certain that is Jesse. From another ABC release:

To begin with, 10 men compete for a chance to accompany her on a romantic sunset cruise. The five men on the winning team try their best to charm “The Bachelorette,” but one man’s attempt at flirting ends up an embarrassing disaster. Jillian presents a rose to the man who truly impressed her on the date.

Then Kiptyn wins a one-on-one date and a home-cooked meal at Jillian’s apartment. This is followed by the dreaded two-on-one date, where one man is guaranteed a ticket home. The trio is whisked away in a helicopter for stunning city views, landing at Grouse Mountain, where a snowball fight relieves some of the tension. It ends on a snow-covered mountain with one man being sent home heartbroken.

Next week Jillian goes from 10 to 8 at Whistler. Then, on the train/Banff episode, she cuts from 8 to 5. My guess: One asks to leave.

Six of the guys also hop into a hot tub with her, while two others go on make-or-break solo dates. Back aboard the train, one guy sneaks into Jillian’s private car, then three are sent packing at the rose ceremony. The other five will get to entertain Jillian on their home turfs.

Who asks to leave? Either Ed or Jake. If it’s Ed, it seems he returns in later episodes.

The five with hometown dates: Reid, Wes, Kiptyn, for sure, and likely Jesse. That leaves one more: Ed? Michael? Jake? Robby? Stay tuned.