Bachelorette: Episode 9, Maui Wowie

Update: Jillian makes the worst decision yet. She lets Reid go and keeps phony-baloney Ed. ABC threw him under the bus big time tonight portraying his inability to perform in the bedroom. No way they would do that if he was her final choice in the end. So who’s the one with something to confess the day of the final rose ceremony, and does she finally gets some sense and send Ed packing? Wes must be laughing tonight, since it turns out he didn’t get the worst edit after all.

Most likely scenario: Reid comes back to “confess” his love and propose. What happens? ABC gives us a cliffhanger, where there’s no resolution at the end of the Final Rose Ceremony, and we have to wait until the next night’s After the Final Rose Show. It’s called a ratings draw.

And poor Kiptyn…he’s about to go from never having his heart broken to having it broken on national TV. This is the revolving door season. Why anyone agrees to go on this show becomes more of a mystery each season. It’s just one train wreck after another.

With one of the guys, the romance just wasn’t there. The date didn’t go exactly as planned.

final three

Which date went awry in the bedroom? They want us to think it’s Ed.

Here’s Ed and Jillian in the fantasy suite at the Sheraton Maui:

Here’s Kip and Jillian in their Maui Sheraton Fantasy Suite:

Here’s Reid and Jillian in the Fantasy Suite at the Westin Maui:

Ed seems the odd man out, both in the Fantasy Suite photos with him on the terrace and Jillian alone in the room, and in his attire and expression at the rose ceremony. But, we know Jillian takes the guy with the fantasy suite issue aside to talk to him. Perhaps he reassures her and she cuts one of the others instead.

From what they have shown us, it should be Ed leaving, it could be Kip, and Reid should be solid. Which means, don’t be surprised to see Reid go home. And if he does, look for him to come back at the finale. This is, after all, the season of the revolving door. When they need to ramp up the drama, they send a guy home only to bring him back. They’ve already done it with Ed and Jake. Maybe it’s Reid’s turn now.