“24” Season Finale

Kiefer Sutherland

I won’t be watching the finale of “24” until after The Bachelorette.” But I’m already thinking about it. I’ll update after I’ve watched it.

Update: The finale was great. I think one of the things I like best about the show is how un-Hollywood in appearance so many of the characters are. The casting is just great.

Of all the finales I’ve seen this week, this was the only one without an annoying “cliffhanger.” You know Jack is going to survive through the stem cell transplant from his daughter and you know what decision the FBI agent makes. And they cleared up the “why” behind Tony Almeida’s working for both sides. And finally, Olivia got her due. She was one of the most unpleasant characters to watch.

The Muslim religious man being the person Jack called for “last rites” was perfect and one of my favorite scenes. The long-haired hippie-looking assassin was another great touch.

All in all, it was a great end to a great season. I hope the show returns. But given how many things they “tied up” at the end, I won’t be surprised if it’s over. (Update: It’s not, “24” will be back in January.)

For those of you who haven’t seen all the seasons, I recommend downloading them on iTunes and watching while on the treadmill or bike at the gym. The 50 minutes just flies by.

2 thoughts on ““24” Season Finale

  1. Jeralyn says:

    I hope they don’t give Olivia immunity in exchange for leading them to Marty who could lead them to Alan Wilson as being behind Jonas Hodge’s killing.

    Tony may be back as well…he’s the one with evidence against Alan Wilson.

    It would be funny if Jack becomes anti-torture after his close brush with death while Renee becomes a torture maven.

  2. byteb says:

    I think Olivia might be around to cause trouble next season. Tony too,

    It was a great finale!

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