American Idol: Adam and Kris’ Final Face-Off

Adam Lambert
Chris Allen

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen sing three final songs tonight. The winner will be chosen tomorrow.

Adam should win, but with the pre-teen, text-message obsessed crowd going for Kris, nothing is for certain.

I’ll update as the show progresses or after it.

Update: Adam blasts it out of the park with Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” He was just amazing. And all four judges lapped it up. While they also loved Kris’ first song, they weren’t anywhere near as blown away as they were by Adam. But, when Paula says, “No matter what happens tonight…” you can tell they too can’t predict the teeny bopper vote.

Kris fumbles on his Marvin Gaye song on Round 2. He didn’t make any mistakes, but it was too low-key for a finale, and Simon says Adam won the round hands-down.

Update: The third song was co-written by Judge Karen. I wasn’t wild about it but Adam did a great job. The best comment of the night was from Simon, saying in a show like this, they hope they can find a world-wide star, and with Adam, they have. He added his congratulations. I don’t think there’s any question that the judges’ favorite is Adam. And yes, he’s also mine.

5 thoughts on “American Idol: Adam and Kris’ Final Face-Off

  1. 2ndof5 says:

    Every time I saw Adam sing I thought the young man is destined to be the next Elvis. The more theatrical a musician (with musical talent) is, the more likely they will survive decades in the industry.

  2. OtherLisa says:

    Oookay, I’ve actually never watched more than five minutes of American Idol, but I had to check out the Queen song, and seriously, Adam Lambert could sing it and Kris Whosis could not.

  3. CoralGables says:

    I was wondering about the number of votes too but noticed they left the lines open for four hours last night. I’m not sure if that’s the norm or not for finals but earlier in the season it was only for an hour I think.

    I really had no preference so I’m not disagreeing with you as to who is better. My favorites going in were Alexis Grace and Allison so when it comes to picking a winner you far surpassed my ability.

  4. Jeralyn says:

    Except: Idol is about singing, not playing

    He’s better looking yes, in a way that appeals to pre-teens

    I don’t think Adam is polarizing.

    On a talent/rock star level, Adam reigns.

    The AP is running articles about the Christian vote and there were stories all season that Adam is gay, probably a turn-off to the pre-teen and Christian set.

    We’ll just have to disagree on this one.

    I like Kris, I just don’t think he deserved the crown. And even he said Adam deserved to win, when the announcement was made.

    100 million votes but the lowest ratings ever for last night’s finale. Who’s voting besides the viewers and why?

  5. CoralGables says:

    Why Kris will win:

    For those that vote;
    He’s a better musician.
    He’s better looking.
    He’s less theatrical.
    He’s less polarizing.

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