Big Brother: Natalie Gets a Big Boost

Jeff is out. The final four: Jordan, Michelle, Kevin and Natalie. And Natalie, who hasn’t won anything all season, won HOH. Tuesday, she’ll put two people up for eviction.

Michelle seems like an obvious choice since Natalie views her as a big threat because she’s smart. But Natalie is also concerned about those in the jury house. She will try to eliminate whoever she thinks is most likely to get more jury house votes than she will. But, she also has to worry about Jeff and Jordon voting as a block if they both end up in the jury house. They’d vote for Michelle over Natalie, but perhaps Natalie over Kevin.

And, there may be another wrinkle. There will be a repeat of Pandora’s Box this week, only this time Julie Chen says it is almost certain to impact the outcome.

One last thing: Natalie doesn’t know it yet, but when Russell arrived at the jury house, he told Lydia and Jesse that Natalie is really 24, not 18 as she told them. They were shocked and Lydia feels Natalie was deceitful. That may cost her their jury votes.

I’d say right now, if Michelle makes it to the final two, she’s in a really good position. She’d get Russell’s vote and Jeff’s — and Jordan’sshould she end up there.

My hunch is that Michelle is in the final two. Why? Because they sent a camera crew to her home during one of last week’s shows to interview her husband. This late in the game, I don’t see them doing that unless she is going further.

So, who will the final three be? Either :

  • Natalie, Michelle and Jordan or
  • Natalie, Michelle and Kevin or
  • Natalie, Jordan and Kevin.