BB11: Jordan Beats Natalie in Second HOH Comp; Finale Update

Jordan wiped out Natalie in tonight’s second HOH competition. She got 9 of the season’s HOH in the correct order, Natalie only got 5. No one got evicted tonight. Instead, there will be a live, third HOH competition on Tuesday night (finale night) between Kevin and Jordan. The winner will decide which of the other two goes with him/her to the final two. The jury will then vote between them. America will be the 7th juror.

Voting is now open. You can vote for free here (as oppose to texting which costs a dollar.) You can vote for the winner in all three scenarios: Kevin/Jordan, Kevin/Natalie, Jordan/Natalie.

I’m voting for Jordan — and in the Kevin/Natalie scenario, for Kevin.

Jeff got to the jury house and everyone had turned on Natalie.

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Big Brother: Natalie Gets a Big Boost

Jeff is out. The final four: Jordan, Michelle, Kevin and Natalie. And Natalie, who hasn’t won anything all season, won HOH. Tuesday, she’ll put two people up for eviction.

Michelle seems like an obvious choice since Natalie views her as a big threat because she’s smart. But Natalie is also concerned about those in the jury house. She will try to eliminate whoever she thinks is most likely to get more jury house votes than she will. But, she also has to worry about Jeff and Jordon voting as a block if they both end up in the jury house. They’d vote for Michelle over Natalie, but perhaps Natalie over Kevin.

And, there may be another wrinkle. There will be a repeat of Pandora’s Box this week, only this time Julie Chen says it is almost certain to impact the outcome. Continue reading

Chima Simone Kicked Off “Big Brother”


Update: Here’s the scoop according to Jokers Update which follows and transcribes much of the live feeds:

Chima broke numerous BB rules: racist comments, non-compliance with production and destruction of BB property, for starters. Spoiler Alert: After Jeff won the coup d’etat power and Jesse who was voted out, Michelle became the new HoH and put Chima and Natalie up for eviction, at which point Chima freaked out & became the evil houseguest. She refused to wear her microphone (“I’m not mike-ing up” a la Cindy Anthony, lol) and threw her whole mike-pack into the hot tub (a big BB no-no to mess with your mike, supposedly $4000 to replace!). And she kept cussing out the BB production team, screaming & yelling and flipping off the cameras. She’d also made numerous racial slurs about Russell, said he was an “extremist Muslim terrorist,” that “Russ is a terrorist and I am the Twin Towers” and that Americans hate Middle-Easterners so he’ll never win. Russell happens to be Catholic and Lebanese (Danny Thomas was Lebanese & I was very young when his show was on but I don’t recall him being a terrorist, lol). Chima had also stolen Russell’s rosary, which was later found in her belongings after she was expelled by exec producer Allison Grodner, who had to go over to the BB house at 2am because of Chima’s behavior. Apparently Grodner still tried to keep Chima in the house but Chima kept screaming at Grodner, and that was the end for Chima.

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