BB11: Jordan Beats Natalie in Second HOH Comp; Finale Update

Jordan wiped out Natalie in tonight’s second HOH competition. She got 9 of the season’s HOH in the correct order, Natalie only got 5. No one got evicted tonight. Instead, there will be a live, third HOH competition on Tuesday night (finale night) between Kevin and Jordan. The winner will decide which of the other two goes with him/her to the final two. The jury will then vote between them. America will be the 7th juror.

Voting is now open. You can vote for free here (as oppose to texting which costs a dollar.) You can vote for the winner in all three scenarios: Kevin/Jordan, Kevin/Natalie, Jordan/Natalie.

I’m voting for Jordan — and in the Kevin/Natalie scenario, for Kevin.

Jeff got to the jury house and everyone had turned on Natalie.

They want Kevin to win (except Jeff , who will vote for Jordan, as will Michelle when she gets there.) Natalie seems to be toast. I think Kevin will dump her if he wins the third competition and choose to compete against Jordan. Jordan, I think, will take Kevin. Neither of them know the jury house folks have turned on Natalie. And Natalie can only get into the final two if Kevin or Jordan wins the next competition and takes her.

Natalie will work both Kevin and Jordan hard between now and Tuesday. But I think she’s lost her leverage. Kevin played a better game all season long than Jordan, but she’s more likable and can really use the money. I hope she wins.