DWTS Finale: Shawn Johnson Wins

[10:00 pm MT: See updates below, Congrats to Shawn Johnson and Mark!]

The winner will be chosen tonight on Dancing With the Stars. My vote: Melissa and then Gilles. Who I think will win: Gilles, but I’m not counting Shawn out because she has been terrific the past few weeks, especially last night. Gilles is really hot, but too often his dancing seems to be more about Cheryl than him. Len pointed it out last night, but I’ve been thinking that for a while.

Melissa is the best dancer of the three, by far I think. Shawn has the gymnast thing going which may make her appear better than she really is. Go Mel!

My pal Jesse Csincsak, former Bachelorette winner, is looking to be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. I'd think he'd be terrific. As a professional snowboarder, he's certainly got the athletic skills and balance and coordination. Plus, he really looks good (and even better in person than on camera.) So I hope you'll take a few minutes and go sign the petition to help get him on the show. (You can even sign and click the box not to have your name displayed.)

Updates on tonight’s show below:

It’s great to see Steve Wozniak back. He always brings a smile to my face. Julianne Hough is just so pretty and perky, I’m glad she’ll be back next season. Ok, they are almost ready for the final dances which will only be scored by judges, not the viewers.

Len is so animated tonight. He usually seems like a grumpy old man. Tonight, particularly during the promo pieces, he’s got fire in his belly.

Lil’ Kim and Derek bring the house down with Jailhouse Rock. I think she deserved third place instead of Shawn Johnson.

The three finalists did a great scene about who would win the trophy. Melissa is still taking a lot of ribbing about the Bachelor. Gilles said to her, “Melissa, You take this rose, I’ll take this trophy.” A comedian who was a former DWTS contestant roasted them earlier and also did a Bachelor joke on her saying first she came in second on the Bachelor, now she’ll come in second on DWTS. Memo to comedian: Melissa came in first on the Bachelor…it was after the final rose that Jason changed his mind.

Finally, we’re going to get to see the final dances, and then the winner. 45 minutes to go.

Update: Shawn and Mark just finished the cha-cha. The judges loved it and each gave her a “10,” but I think Carrie Anne’s comment, “You deserve to be here” means she isn’t going to win.

Melissa and Tony’s Samba: Outstanding. She is by far the best dancer of the three. The Judges loved it and were effusive. Scores: 10 -10-10! Ok, I say it’s between Melissa and Gilles now.

I didn’t like Gilles and Cheryl’s last dance too much but the Judges give it a unanimous “10” and Bruno proclaims “A star is born.” If just the judges were voting, I’d say it goes to Gilles. But the viewers’ votes have a big impact. So I think Melissa is still in the running, but …just a few minutes left, they are tabulating the votes.

Update: Melissa takes third place. She’s a winner anyway. What a great career she has ahead of her.

Prediction: Gilles wins. Final commercial break.

Closest votes ever, less than 1% difference between Gilles and Shawn. And the winner is: Shawn Johnson! Congratulations, Shawn and Mark.

That’s a wrap, I’ll try to do a better job predicting the outcome of this season’s Bachelorette. And remember, please go here and sign the petition for Jesse Csinscak to be on next season’s Dancing With the Stars.

2 thoughts on “DWTS Finale: Shawn Johnson Wins

  1. tootiela says:

    I am rather surprised that Shawn won. I would have rather seen Gilles or Melissa. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Shawn but what can you do? Both Melissa and Gilles will have more options in life as a result.

    As far as that Mr. Jesse, I think it’s time to for him fade away. I liked him on The Bachelorette but since then he’s become a nuisance … Wasn’t he trying to get ABC to give him a wedding when he was still engaged to DeAnna? That didn’t go over well. Then it was him petitioning to be The Bachelor. Was that a bust? Now it’s DWTS? This just doesn’t seem like standard protocol. I remember him doing a few moves on the episode where the guys were on Ellen but I’d hardly call that dancing. He looked like farm machinery compared to some of the more fluid guys I’ve seen try to catch a beat. I see him going home early on if he does get on. The show always needs a Steve O.

  2. sj says:

    Shawn? Really? She has been doing well these last few weeks but I found myself getting distracted sometimes during her performances. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really cared for some of the musical choices. I don’t know. But I do know that she had restrictions on the amount of time that she could practice, unlike the adults, so winning was a major feat. Good for her. All three were really good.

    I was rooting for Gilles and Lil Kim from the beginning with Melissa third.

    Ah well, that was entertaining. But So You Think You Can Dance starts on Thursday and that’s my REAL deal.

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