Bachelorette Episode 7: Don’t Believe the Wes Editing


ABC is making me angrier every week with its splicing and dicing country music singer Wes Hayden’s edit. Don’t believe it for a minute. At least, I predict, he will survive the Home Town Date tonight despite mayonaise-y Jake’s pathetic attempt to crash Wes’ hometown date and tell her he has a girlfriend. As the picture above shows, Wes makes it on to Spain next week. (But he’s unlikely to be the final one (F1). I think he gets cut in Spain. ) I hope he shows up in Hawaii during the last episode to sing for Jillian and whomever she chooses as her F1.

It’s about to start, so I’ll just tell you who gets cut when techie Ed returns to muck things up during the rose ceremony: Vintner Jesse and Break-Dancer Michael won’t make the cut.

Update 7:10 pm: Reid’s hometown date goes well. He’ll go further, to Spain and Hawaii, but will he be the F1? Unknown right now.

Update: 7:20 pm: Michael’s date goes well, he’s adorable and head over heels for Jillian, but the chemistry isn’t there. He’s going home tonight with a broken heart.

Update: 7:35pm: Kip’s HTD was way too intense. Jillian is insecure about his family, Kip tells his sister proposing in a month may be premature, and their hot tub scene lacked spark. She will keep him on, to Spain and Hawaii, and I think he gets to the final two, but he won’t be the final one.

Update: 7:45 pm: Jesse’s HTD was the most moving so far. He really came out of his shell. Even his cynical brother came around. The winery was beautiful and of course I loved them all playing together like a rock band at the end. It will be sad to see him go home tonight. I wish Jillian would tell Ed to take a hike instead when he comes back. But, it’s unlikely. (Ed’s going on to Spain and Hawaii.)

Update 7:56 pm: Jake is such a snake. If you eliminate the voice-overs, you’re left with the fact that Wes is really into Jillian and ready to keep going.

Update 8:30 pm: Good for Jillian not falling for wimpo Jake’s shenanigans and continuing with the date to meet his family. I really liked Wes’ stepmom, mom and sisters — and how they put Jillian’s fears to rest. She’s going to give him another rose tonight. You can tell ABC set this up (how would he even know where Jillian was staying if the producers didn’t tell him…and did you see how she didn’t even have to look up the number to call him to come back over and confront him? )ABC is milking this for all it’s worth — Wes’ HTD was three segments compared to two for the other guys.

And now here comes Ed. Another ABC manipulation. Since when does a bachelor get to leave and come back? He’s acting. There’s no sincerity in his voice. He can barely keep from laughing. Completely scripted. If I were Jillian, I’d be angry at ABC for setting her up for this. One good thing: when Ed moves in for a kiss, she gives him a hug. Too bad she’s going to agree and let him back in at the rose ceremony. Jesse and Michael lose their shot due to Ed.

Update: 9:00 pm: My predictions were correct. Jesse and Michael got the boot. Michael could not have been more gracious. Jesse seems like a nice guy, but he really lagged in the commitment department. Reid and Kip are great choices, and Wes deserves to continue on. Ed? I don’t trust him at all. He’s also the most traditional and unexceptional of the bunch. Unfortunately, the preview for next week gave us no new clues for what happens after Spain when (I predict) Reid, Kip and Ed go on to Hawaii.

Last word on Wes: I think he decides to opt out next week in Spain, but of course, ABC won’t show us that, any more than they showed us Graham opting out during Deanna’s season. They’ll make it seem like it was all Jillian’s decision. The final rose when all is said and done, as it’s looking to me tonight, will be either Reid or Ed, with Kiptyn coming in second to one of them.

For Wes, who I’m sure will bounce back even after the terrible edit. His tour starts soon. Here’s his song for Jillian.

One thought on “Bachelorette Episode 7: Don’t Believe the Wes Editing

  1. Jeralyn says:

    Other Lisa wrote:

    Feh, I tried to comment on the most recent post and I kept getting caught in that “you must be logged in” loop.

    I still…dunno…I agree that we are not hearing his comments in context and that there’s a tremendous amount of slicing and dicing going on (I worked in “teh Industry” for many years and I know this for a fact). But I wouldn’t trust Wes at all. It’s a career opportunity for him, and while he’s been sort of upfront about that, it still doesn’t bode well for a real relationship between him and Jillian. I found something a little weird about that hometown date with everybody at the table being female and worshipping Wes – except Wes, of course. It felt off to me.

    And by the way, I can’t believe I’m seriously analyzing all this! 🙂

    I felt bad for Jesse, I liked him, and god god, who among us would not want to fall for a guy whose family owns a winery!

    Kipton’s family…again, maybe editing, but Mom was a little off-putting.

    Michael…I liked him and his family a lot.

    The Ed of it all…I can’t say that I get it, but I think they are really into each other.

    It’s a fascinating psychodrama, that’s for sure!

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