Bachelorette: Jillian’s “Men Tell All”

Tonight is Jillian Harris’ “Men Tell All Episode” on The Bachelorette. Everybody knows Reid, Ed and Kiptyn won’t be there and neither will Wes. You’ll see lots of Dave, Jake, Tanner and Juan, more talk about “man codes” and more gratuitous Wes Hayden bashing. And Dave talking about how he thought Melissa was going to be the Bachelorette and how he was being considered for the Bachelor over Jason. Plus, an update with Jason and Molly.

Why watch? For the preview of next week’s finale. The latest sneak peek commercial talks about a bachelor coming back to propose, which of course is Reid. But, in the episode description of tonight’s show, ABC writes:

It’s the bachelors like you’ve never seen them before! The show includes a special sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelors, Ed and Kiptyn.

They’ll show Ed and Kip but not Reid? Would that be true if he were her final choice? Uh-Oh, Reid.

Back to Wes. If you read Claudia Grisales’ interview with Wes Hayden and want more, here are some additional excerpts from their conversation. He explains why he’s not at the “Men Tell All.”

Why didn’t you attend the taping of the “Men Tell All” episode?

I had talks with them and I told them that I wasn’t going to come on the show. I didn’t trust how they were going to edit me.And then when I saw the very last episode (I was on), I realized that I had to go back to defend myself. I called them and … their words to me — they were kind of abrasive — were “Oh, so now you want to come on the show?” They were pretty rude. I said, “I’ve got to defend myself.”

Their exact words to me were “You can’t come on the show and say the things you have been saying on all these other interviews,” basically the truth. And I said, “You mean I can’t come on the show and defend myself?” That’s not right. What do you expect me to do? To go in there and say I have a girlfriend when I don’t have a girlfriend? I’m on there for my career when clearly there were several different reasons why I was on the show? … They said, “OK, we’ll call you back.” And my manager talked to them on (July 10) and the “Men Tell All” was the next day … and they said, “Look, we don’t think it’s a good idea that Wes come.”

But, will they give Wes an opportunity to say something at the end? There’s been rumors of an end-of-show appearance, not filmed when the rest of show taped last weekend, so stay tuned for in case that happens. More likely it will just be another undeserved Wes-bashing.

Jillian did two interviews at the MTA taping, one with Mario from EXTRA and one with Kristen from Entertainment Tonight. Here’s Kristen’s:

Want to get a better sense of Ed? Here’s here’s a video Ed posted of himself and a friend on You Tube 9 months ago — toilet humor, frat boy stuff (from a just-turned 30 year old.)

The tricky editing continues. Thanks to the sleuthers at FORT, next week we’ll see one guy visit Jillian in her room at the Fairmont Orchid before she leaves for the Final Rose Ceremony, which takes place nearby at a private residence. We’ll see Kip arrive first and Ed second. Which means, Kip for sure is being rejected.

Now, the tricky part. Jillian says the last five minutes provide her happy ending. So, does Reid arrive to propose between Kip and Ed and get turned down again, leaving Ed as the final one standing? Or, does she turn Ed down after Kip leaves and then Reid arrives to propose and save the day? And, will be get a resolution at the finale or a cliffhanger where we’ll have to wait until the next night’s “After the Final Rose?” The jury is still out on that one.

Last item for now: Jillian will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night.