Bachelorette: The “Wes and Tanner Tell All” Phone Call

So you heard Tanner Pope at the Men tell All standing by his earlier assertions that Wes had a girlfriend. Wes, in his new interview with Reality Steve, says the show put Tanner up to it and said he couldn’t backtrack. (You can listen to the 35 minute interview here.)

Is Wes telling the truth? Well, above is a video Wes he has put on You Tube, with his live phone call with Tanner, in which Tanner admits it, and confirms he knew then and knows now Wes didn’t have a girlfriend.

Old hat, by now? Maybe. But if this is true, it appears Wes not only got a bad edit, he got a false one. No reality tv show should be that deceitful.

Bachelorette: Jillian’s “Men Tell All”

Tonight is Jillian Harris’ “Men Tell All Episode” on The Bachelorette. Everybody knows Reid, Ed and Kiptyn won’t be there and neither will Wes. You’ll see lots of Dave, Jake, Tanner and Juan, more talk about “man codes” and more gratuitous Wes Hayden bashing. And Dave talking about how he thought Melissa was going to be the Bachelorette and how he was being considered for the Bachelor over Jason. Plus, an update with Jason and Molly.

Why watch? For the preview of next week’s finale. The latest sneak peek commercial talks about a bachelor coming back to propose, which of course is Reid. But, in the episode description of tonight’s show, ABC writes:

It’s the bachelors like you’ve never seen them before! The show includes a special sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelors, Ed and Kiptyn.

They’ll show Ed and Kip but not Reid? Would that be true if he were her final choice? Uh-Oh, Reid. Continue reading

Bachelorette’s Wes Hayden Says “The Gloves Are Off”

Country music singer Wes Hayden, who as I’ve frequently written, is mad as h*ll about the way he was edited on the Bachelorette, is coming out swinging.

Wes Hayden

Hayden was portrayed as a ruthless player who wasn’t on the show to find love, but instead had a secret girlfriend and a larger motive to promote his singing career. Now Hayden says he’s on a mission to clear his name. He is denying that he had a girlfriend while taping the show, and he says he’s a victim of creative editing.

“I signed a contract with them, so I knew they could portray my character any way they saw fit,” Hayden said. “But they have totally slandered me and taken my words and put them out of context. They cut, they paste, they left vital sentences out.”

Sounds like Wes has lawyered up and a battle may be brewing. I’ll bet it’s good for both Wes and the show. Jillian Harris may have moved on to Ed, Kip or Reid (yes, he may return, remember it’s the revolving door season) but Wes is between a rock and a hard place. Either he stays silent and endures hate mail and concert cancellations due to the allegedly phony editing, or he plays David to Goliath and fights back against ABC.

He’s got a growing following on Facebook, My Space and Twitter. And, he’s ramping up his media interviews. Continue reading

Bachelorette: Wes Hayden’s Post-Show Interviews (Don’t Believe the Edit, Part II)

Update (7/9): Don’t miss Reality Steve’s interview of Wes Hayden (podcast link here) .

Via The Examiner: Wes Hayden gave an interview today to Bobby Bones on KVET radio about what really happened between him and Jillian and the other guys. Editing is a b*tch, and he’s right, people should think twice before going on these shows. You can listen for yourself here (part1) and here (part 2.)

Did you have a girlfriend when the show was going on?

Wes: I had a girlfriend last summer. She’s still a very good friend of mine. Every now and then we’ll go out and do lunch or something like that. I mean, I did some work for her mom, I’m good friends with her family. They used her name on the show. And I just called them two weeks ago and was like, ‘Look. I don’t care what y’all do to me. You can say I’m the worst guy in the world and I’m here for my publicity, I’ve got a girlfriend. But don’t mention anybody’s name. Because as soon as you mention her name, people in Austin are going to know her, because we dated for a long time. Sure enough, they mentioned her name the very next day. The very next day, People Magazine called. She gave a great article.

Jillian…the end of our date that we had, it didn’t end like you saw it on TV. It was actually a very good date that we had. Continue reading

Bachelorette: Wes Bares All, Or Does He?

Editing is key to The Bachelorette. The producers have been throwing country singer Wes Hayden under the bus, big time, since the beginning. The episode guides keep asking when Jillian will catch on to him. Does he deserve it, or has he been honest about why he went on the show? Even if he went on the show for publicity, does that preclude him from developing real feelings for Jillian?

One other thing the promo gives away: It’s Robby that goes home next week. Those of us following the screencaps knew that already. He’s on the train to Banff, but he doesn’t get a Home Town Date. Bye, Robby. (Say goodbye to Jake too next week, although he will make another appearance at a hotel in Austin when Wes has his hometown date.) And it looks like break-dancer Michael will be the 5th with a home town date — in addition to Reid, Kip, Wes and Jesse.

If you are a Wes hater, don’t despair. Wes will go home at the rose ceremony following the home town dates. He doesn’t get to Spain. (Update 6/22: Maybe not.) Kip and Reid are in Spain for sure, and it looks like Ed makes his comeback there. Jesse probably makes it as well, but it’s doubtful he goes any further.

Final three prediction for Hawaii: Kip, Ed and Reid.